Why Your CPA Firm Needs Social Media

Do you think your CPA firm needs social media? The answer is yes, but how to you implement a social media plan that generates results.

Okay accountants, today we are talking directly to you. Social media is not for “new technology” startups. Social media is for you and your company, it is part of your CPA inbound marketing strategy. 74% of people rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. This includes your customers and your clients. So you tell me if social media is for the “new technology” startup.

7 Reasons Why Your CPA Firm Needs Social Media

Your social media marketing strategy is important to you and your company for many reasons. Today we are going to focus on seven very important reasons to implement a social media marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Use Social Media For Brand Awareness

In order to sell your services to new clients, you have to build a strong brand. This should not surprise anyone. What might be surprising is the fact that 71% of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year to reach new followers and build brand reputation. Just like networking, social media will help you become known in your industry as you share and engage with industry leaders. So support your brand by creating a strong social media plan.

Use Social Media To Engage With Your Customers

81% of adults that access the internet use social media. So it is safe to say that your potential customers are on social media, looking for you. So give your customers a place to engage with you and your brand. Start conversations with your customers by asking questions and respond like a human being. Get to know more about your customers by engaging with them on social media.

Use Social Media To Find New Clients

Okay, I know that we are all about finding new clients. Why else would we invest time in social media? Social media helps spread your message to people you may never meet. Listening to social media helps you find the right customer at the right time. Once you find a conversation about taxes or bookkeeping, you can now insert yourself and answer questions or just have some fun. Social media will help you find new clients and increase your revenue.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

Social media is a great way to promote your business. As social media platforms continue to evolve and require a pay to play strategy, you can spend a little and get a lot. Impressions (the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor or displayed once on a web page) on Facebook are still cheap. We recently promoted a blog post and spent $10. We received 3,026 impressions on the advertisement, this is less than a penny per impression, pretty darn good. Social media continues to get a bad wrap because it is no longer a free game, but take advantage of the cheap advertising and grow your firm.

Use Social Media To Answer Customer Questions

Get out in front of your customers and answer their questions. If you notice a trend in the types of questions your customers are asking, put together a quick social media post and post it to all your followers. Odds are that if one customer has a question, there are others that have the same question. Give your customers as much information or as little information as they want. In fact, people like Dave Ramsey, have built their business by answering questions. Social media is about adding value, so start with your customers, they are the most important.

Use Social Media To Help With Customer Service

It is no longer a question if your company should be using social media for customer service. It is a matter of how fast can you respond. Today customers expect to hear from you within 1 hour of sending a Tweet. Customers are going to voice their opinion on social media and if your firm is not listening, you may miss the conversations (good or bad). Just because your CPA firm is not on social media, does not mean your customers are not talking about you. So make sure to delight your customer with social media.

Use Social Media To Get Customer Feedback

Do you really know what your customers are thinking about your service? Probably not. Use social media to ask for feedback, reviews, or any other form of feedback you use in your business. Get to know what is working and what is not working in your business using social media.


Social media is important to your accounting firm. The question is not should you be using social media. The question really should be is outsourcing social media to a qualified marketing agency the right move. Your customers/clients are already using social media, ensure that you are part of the conversation.

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