Why Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Makes Sense

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing can be a very difficult task, however, it can save you time in the end and produce better results.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

The term outsourcing has a bad reputation, but we still do it. We can outsource for a variety of reasons, from saving time to saving money. I think that if you are going to outsource your social media you want to do it to gain experience and get better results. Let’s take a look at why outsourcing social media marketing makes sense for your company.

Social Media Impacts Your Search Engine Rankings

You may not be seeing the results on your Facebook Page or your Twitter Stream that you are expecting, but it is not the time to give up on them just yet. Even if you are not seeing the traffic you want from social, it is still sending a signal to the search engines helping your website rank higher. There is a direct link between Google+ and Google search results. Social is not the only way Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank your site, but you want all the help you can get. So how does social media impact your search engine rankings?

Get Credit for What You Are Creating

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”– Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Social media gives the ability to verify your identity with the content you create, helping your content rank higher in the search engines.This is important to your company because as potential leads and customers are searching the internet, you want to be the authority in the industry.

For example, if you are a doctor and you are creating new content for your website, but you are not linking it back to your social media settings, your clients will not know that this is your content and not click the article you created. This works like the search engines, if you are not linking your content to your social profiles, the search engines will not know who is creating it and might even rank another piece of content higher than yours, based on the social media profile. Get the credit you deserve by linking your content to your social profiles.

Brand Awareness

Your brand profile from your social media gets indexed in the search engines. From Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube, all of the social media pages that you create will show in the search engines. So make sure to claim your page vanity URL and optimize your page for search engines.

This becomes important when potential customers and leads are researching your brand or company. Your profile pages will start to show in search and optimize these pages helps you get seen. Build your Brand through social and get found in a search.

Social Can Be Its Own Search Engine

With the introduction of Facebook Graph Search, Twitter #Hashtags, and YouTube and Google+ tied to Google, these social platforms are their own search engines. We also know that 72% of adults are using social media. This becomes important when potential customers are doing their research on a product or service. They turn to social media to get a behind the scenes look at your company. People are using social media to find companies, so make sure that they find you and you are not missing out on potential customers.

Your Online Reputation is Important

Your online reputation is important to you. You built a company that is thriving and want to keep it that way. As we discussed earlier, social media brand pages get indexed by the search engines and you want to own your company’s name in the search engines. By creating and maintaining these profiles, you are able to keep the third party review site out of the top search rankings. Don’t let a disgruntled customer or your competition post a negative review on Yelp and have this review be the first search result in Google. Make sure to maintain the top search results with your website and social media profiles.

Social Media Helps Extend Your Marketing Reach

We all want to expand our reach and get seen by as many people as possible. When we talk about reach, we are talking about the ability to get our message in front of a potential client. If your friend on Facebook has 100 friends and shares your post with these 100 friends, your post will get shared with 100 people you might not know; they might be potential customers. You have a chance to get your content shared with more people that are in your target market. By sharing your content on social media, you are able to expand your reach to a new market that you might have never been able to in the past. This will help you generate new business.

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Advertising

Advertising is the hardest thing to master in the social media world. Targeting and re-targeting an audience will get your message to your target market and help to generate new leads. Advertising on social media can be tricky to master. Facebook advertising continues to add new features every day and they continue to get more and more technical.

For example, you are able to add a tracking pixel on your website and then re-target these users on Facebook to continue the conversation. So when the customer leaves your site you can send them an ad on Facebook. This is effective because the customer is already interested in your product or service you provide and can yield a higher success rate if done the right way. The best results come from an experienced marketer that knows the technical aspects of the system, can set up and implement your campaign.

Saves Your Company Time

The old saying goes, “You get what you put into it.” The fact is social media is no different. It takes time to stay on top of your community. You can spend as much or as little time as you want on social media, but in order to get the most out of social media, you should spend at least an hour a day on social media. Social media takes planning, implementing, and measuring to be successful. This is the time you and your company can have back to focus on other tasks.


There are definitely pros and cons to outsourcing your social media marketing. That goes without saying. There are trade-offs in every business decision you make. These decisions are what makes running a business so hard. However, social media marketing is a big deal for your company. If you are not taking advantage of social media, it is time to start.

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