Why Customer Marketing is a Must for Any Business

When does the marketing process stop? Well, never. The fact of the matter is customer marketing helps you drive higher sales, easier than ever.

One of the aspects that I focus on in my marketing agency is customer marketing. Today I will be mapping out an entire customer marketing process and automating the entire process. This includes onboarding customers, a renewal process, and cross-sell to a new product.

Often times we forget to market to the most important person in the sales pipeline. The customer. We tend to pay lip service to customer service and how we treat all our customers the with the best care. But we fail to actually serve them.

As a marketer and an email marketing manager for a large 500 for years, my opinion is simple. We never stop marketing to our customers. The ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time never ends.

So, why are companies not taking advantage of delighting the customer?

What is Customer Marketing?

customer marketingMost companies are not taking advantage of customer marketing because it is hard. My definition of customer marketing is marketing strategies and tactics that increase customer loyalty, customer loyalty and build brand advocates while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Marketing to your existing customers starts once the customer has signed the contract. This will increase the likelihood of a repeat buyer, up-sell, renewal, or cross-promotion. Marketing to your existing customer is an important aspect to complete your marketing strategy.

Real world example, the Real Estate Agent. You purchased a house in a new city. Your typical real estate agent closes escrow and gives your family the keys to your new kingdom. That fine, they did their job.

The problem is that you know nothing about the city. This is where customer marketing can help. If your agent was on top of their game, then they would send out a new house campaign. This campaign helps you find local amenities and gives you tips on owning a home. This keeps their name in front of you for the next time, when you sister moves to your city because they miss you so much.

You can see the power in customer marketing. In this example, it is a referral. In your case, it could be as easy as a renewal and repeat business.

Why is Customer Marketing Important?

marketing for your customerThe example above helps us understand why customer marketing is important for our business. Let’s now chat about the benefits of customer marketing for your business.

  • Renewal or Retention. This is the most straightforward approach to customer marketing. Keeping your existing customer is the most powerful marketing plan you can create.
  • Share Their Experience. Do you ever wonder why your customer is not jumping for joy? Why are they not sharing their experience all over the internet? Well, it is because you forgot about them once you made the sale. Give your customer a reason to share their experience.
  • Upsell. When is the right time to take your customer from the basic version of our product to the better version? Well, customer marketing is going to help you make that determination. Your current customer is 10 times more likely to buy from you than the prospective customer.
  • Repeat Buyer. This is more on the product side. But what happens when your customer runs out of your product? Well, they can either buy from you or contact your competition. Start getting more repeat buyers.

Selling to a current customer is much easier than selling to a prospective customer. The likelihood that you sell your product to your current customer is 10 times greater than a prospective customer. Invest in the low hanging fruit.

How to Increase Your Customer Marketing Effectiveness

I guess we can say that customer marketing is a big deal. I mean, if we want to complete the inbound marketing methodology we need to delight our customers. So how do we get started with customer marketing? a make our customer marketing campaigns more effective?

Start with a CRM

Leads Should Be In A CRM

I am going to get on my soapbox here and tell you that all your marketing should start with CRM (customer relationship management) software. Your CRM houses all the customer integrations, website visits, email click, and everything else you might want to know about your customer.

Your CRM is the backbone of your customer marketing. Your CRM houses all contact points and alerts or notifies the appropriate person or send the right message. Without a CRM customer marketing is pretty much useless.

Automate Your Customer Marketing

Marketing automation is the sliced bread of marketing. Okay, that is me talking. The truth of the matter is if you want to send the right message to the right person you need to use marketing automation, this includes customer marketing.

In your CRM you can set up trigger points to deliver an onboarding message, product update, or cross-sell promotion based on the user behavior.

For example. Your customer who owns widget A visits your site. They land on the page for widget B. Your marketing automation system can send a series of emails to provide more information about widget B. At the same time, you can notify your sales rep to give a follow-up call.

Marketing automation can help you become more effective in the customer marketing game. It will increase your revenue. The more you can automate your customer marketing, the better the chance you are going to be successful.

Make the Customer Part of Your Culture

I want to believe that this is a no-brainer. Make sure that the customer is part of your culture. If your customer is part of your culture, marketing to your customer becomes second nature. Let’s just leave it at that.

Customer Marketing Conclusion

You can see how important marketing to your customers can be to your business. The ability to market to your existing client base can help increase your bottom. Customer marketing is about keeping your existing customers happy and coming back for more.

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