Why Companies Need Assistance In Marketing

When was the last time you looked at yourself and asked, “do I need assistance in marketing my business?” Maybe it was recent, maybe you are thinking about it now.

No matter what you are selling, your marketing is important in the process of attracting new customers. There are many small to medium businesses that have tried to market their business themselves, taking the DIY approach. The truth of the matter is if you want to grow from small to medium or medium to large, you need to invest in marketing help.

Top Reasons Why Companies Need Assistance In Marketing

Marketing is the vehicle that your company uses to drive awareness and communicate your value message to your customer base. You can say marketing is a pretty big deal. Getting assistance in marketing can separate your business from the competition by delivering your value message to the right customer at the right time.

However, many companies believe that you do not need assistance in marketing and go about it alone. I am going to tell you, it is okay to ask for help. It is okay to let go. If you hire the right person or marketing agency you will see the results you are looking for.

So why do you need assistance in marketing? Here are 5 reasons you should look for help to improve your marketing.

Marketing Plan or Go-to-market planning

Build a go to market plan

Have you ever worked at a company that picks up some mud and throws it against the wall, hoping that something will stick? How did it work out? Sounds like your competition, right?

Your marketing plan is extremely important to your overall success. They say what gets written down gets done. Make sure to write down your marketing plans every year.

Think of your marketing plan like a goals list, not a task list. What are you going to accomplish and how do you get there. Your task list will come, just make sure that your tasks support your plan and goals.

Your marketing plan does not have to be a formal document signed off by the president. It can be written on the back of a napkin. Just make sure to write it down.

Your marketing plan is really just a roadmap you are going to take to achieve your company goals. It is the best scenario based on the information that you have available, right now. If your marketing plan is done correctly, you will see results.

Marketing Message

Is your message resenting with your customers? Many companies jump into marketing before the refine their message. These companies often fail to see the return on investment they expected from marketing. They then tell everyone that marketing was a waste of time and it did not work. Back to status quo.

The reality is that most marketing is wasted because the marketing message is complicated and does not resonate with the customer. We try to shove our marketing message to our customers and hope that they will buy.

We should be crafting a marketing message that places the customer at the center of the story that shows how our product or service can guide them to success. Your marketing message is vital to the success of your marketing tactics and campaigns.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation might be the most critical part of the marketing process and the one tactic most companies overlook. The importance of marketing segmentation goes beyond targeting the right customer, it is how you message your customer base.Unless you are marketing clean water, you need to create a marketing segmentation strategy. Even then a market segmentation strategy is probably a good thing.

Market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into groups with similar needs and creating products or services for this group.

We can assume that your product does not serve everyone, but it can serve more than just one person. If not, it was nice knowing you. The group your company determines to serve is also called your target market.

Marketing segmentation is essential to determine your marketing message and what markets you should be targeting. Yes, you can even use this segmentation strategy to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. Coming up with this ideal market segmentation can be difficult, but worth it in the end.

Customer Persona

Do you know who your customer is? Is it Bob or Betty down the street or is it more complicated than that?

Your company probably has a target market and this is great. You have identified the basic demographics of your ideal customer. Age, income, zip code, and education are just a few demographics your company has written down.

What we are talking about here is your actual customer, beyond demographics. What makes your customer get up in the morning, what questions does your customer have about your product or service, what daily pinpoints can your company help solve, what does your customer do for fun?

Your customer persona is more than a target market; it is your actual customer. Your customer persona will help you create the most relevant message possible for each customer.


Marketing agency will save your company time

Up to this point, we have been talking about items your marketing assistant should be doing for you. Now let’s change gears and see how they can help you out.

First, who out there can use more time? I am sure your hand is raised. From seeing the kids more to finally using that gym membership you pay for every month, we can all use more time.

When you finally get assistance with marketing, you get this time back. Time is the one thing that you cannot get more of. You need assistance in your marketing to create the content for your customer persona, create the strategy to drive more leads to your website, or just post blogs for your business.

The point is, you get more time back to focus on you and your business.


Maybe you are a financial planner or investment firm. You are a very smart individual but have no idea what we have been talking about. Market segmentation, customer personas, and marketing plans are like a foreign language.

You are an expert in your trade, building wealth for your clients. Marketing is not something they taught you during that series 7 exam. However, you also know that you need to grow your company and marketing is important to your business.

Assistance in marketing will provide experiences your company is looking for. Again, it is okay to say you have no idea how to market your company, there are experts out there to do that for you. Your marketing agency will have the small business marketing ideas that will you grow.

Marketing Operations

In order to successfully deploy marketing campaigns and deliver reliable results, your company needs to invest in building the marketing operations and process. Marketing operations are typically in charge of the marketing software, data, and alignment of the marketing team. It is important to ensure that your systems are working properly before you start firing campaigns.

Many companies and even many marketing agencies need help establishing the marketing operations because of the depth of many marketing systems. However, once they are in place they can typically be managed by the marketing manager. Ensure that you are onboarding your marketing the right way by establishing marketing operations.

Bonus: Stretching Your Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget

Here is the bonus for today. According to the SBA, a business can spend up to 20% of their sales on marketing during the early years. Obviously, this depends on the industry and size of your business.

When your business looks for assistance with marketing activities, there are two choices. Internal hires or an external marketing agency. This is not an easy solution to figure out because there are pros and cons to each solution.

However, if you want your marketing to be successful, you will need more that one person running your marketing. You will need a marketing manager, graphic designer, and a copywriter. One final thought about stretching your marketing budget is the need to develop a marketing process. Without a solid process, your marketing team will fail and your marketing dollars will be wasted.

Final Thoughts…

The goal of marketing is to attract more customers. This is something that all business need to focus on. The longer you wait to execute your marketing plan, the longer you will be waiting for results.

Marketing is important to your business. Getting assistance with your marketing is a great way to find new customers and increase your revenue. By getting assistance, you are able to get a great marketing plan and save time to focus on your business.

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