What Is the Marketing Manager Job Description?

In order to drive your business forward, marketing is going to be a huge role. From strategy to execution, marketing takes a unique skillset. The marketing manager job description varies from company to company, but there are skill sets that are required.

Your business is ready to drive more sales through strategic marketing. The initial idea is to hire a marketing manager to get the job done. Your thought process is not incorrect. However, you might be wondering what is the marketing manager job description and what is the marketing manager responsible for.

You are in good company. Getting the right marketing assistance can be the difference between successful marketing and failed marketing. Getting the right marketing team in place that will drive the results you are looking for.

What Is A Marketing Manager?

What Is A Marketing Manager

Over the years of my corporate marketing career, I was a marketing manager. So, this is something that I know a thing or two about. I also know the needs from company to company vary and the marketing manager job description can change. However, there are responsibilities every marketing manager is responsible for.

The marketing manager is responsible for the marketing of your products and services. I know this is kind of like a no-duh answer, but that really is what a marketing manager is responsible for.

In larger companies, the marketing manager’s duties might be more specialized to a campaign, line of business, or product. I know this is a copout, so here is a list of the duties of the marketing manager.

  • Develop integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Measure and analyze the success of marketing.
  • Be the liaison between marketing and other departments in the company, even finance. Yikes.
  • Identify and present new marketing opportunities
  • Manage the brand standards including, copy, creative, and implementation.
  • Manage execution of marketing campaigns.
  • Develop strategic relationships that drive revenue.

As you can see the job functions of the marketing manager can be overwhelming. Getting the right marketing manager to run your marketing campaigns is essential to the success of your marketing.

What Does It Take to Be A Marketing Manager?

What Does It Take to Be A Marketing Manager

Okay, we now know what a marketing manager should be in charge of. Again, your company may need something slightly different, but this should be pretty close.

So, what does it take to become a high performing marketing manager that drives results? Over the years I have identified 7 key marketing characteristics to be a great marketing manager.

  1. Analytical

Yes, analytics is number one. Marketing continues to change, and data is becoming more and more important to the success of your marketing. With advances in the marketing technology stack, you can now track just about everything. Marketers are being presented with more and more data, making this function of marketing highly important.

The better you understand data and information, the better you can craft your future marketing initiatives. A great marketing manager is going to be able to look past the data points and develop trends that drive results. There has been a huge shift in the way we market our businesses, the ability to use data and analytics is a highly valuable marketing characteristic.

  1. Critical Thinking

Marketing campaigns continue to become more and more complex. With all the data we receive from our marketing, marketing managers need to be able to formulate solid ideas and strategies. The ability to think quickly and form opinions has become a must-have skill for any marketing manager.

As marketing continues to change a marketing manager must be able to think on the fly. They also need to be able to make decisions quickly. Critical thinking is a skill set that all marketing managers must have in order to be successful.

  1. Project Management

The ability to take a marketing strategy to execution is the only way to get results. Further, the ability to manage a project from ideation to completion is a skill set that not all marketing managers possess. Trust me. Have you ever met the idea man? All talk, no action.

I have seen how poor project management can affect your marketing. I worked with a marketing agency that did not have a project management system in place. There where great ideas and ideation sessions, but nothing was getting done. The ability to execute and keep the projects moving forward is something that all marketing managers are responsible for.

Personally, here at CoBound we use Workamajig.

  1. Develop Strategy

Your marketing strategy should lead your marketing tactics. Having the right strategy is going to give your marketing team direction. Once the strategy is in place, it is much easier for your graphic designer and copywriter to create amazing marketing pieces that will convert and drive results.

One caveat, my personal opinion is that your strategy is only as good as your execution. If your marketing manager cannot move your strategy into execution, you are going to be wasting money.

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. – General Patton

  1. Understand the Marketing Technology Stack

Marketing technology is taking over. There is a new technology that helps manage social media, automate your lead nurture process, and analyzes your data. Technology now drives marketing. Marketing managers must understand the marketing technology stack and how to use the technology to get things done.

A technical marketing manager is ideal, but many companies are moving to a marketing operations manager because of the skill set needed. Marketing technology is a multi-billion dollar business.

  1. Look At the Details

Your marketing manager is probably going to be in charge of a marketing team, freelancer, or a marketing agency. People are human, and humans make mistakes. The ability to look at the details and ensure the marketing collateral is a skill set that not all marketing managers possess.

The ability to look at the details also helps keep the strategy on the right path. If the copy is not hitting the right audience, then it will not convert. If the graphics are not in line with the brand, your campaign might not be as effective. The details matter in marketing, but remember people are human.

  1. Leadership & Management

This is a skillset that they do not teach in marketing school. The ability to lead and manage people is vital not only to your marketing but also your company. A good marketing manager is going to lead your staff to get more production.

Leadership in business is not for everyone. A good leader will get things done, a bad leader is going to hold up the growth of your business. Ensure that you are getting leaders in the right places to drive your marketing and your business.

Marketing Manager Job Description

The Marketing Manager Job Description

The marketing manager job description should be as clear as mud. So, let’s look at an example of a real marketing manager job descriptions that can help you get the right person in place.


Marketing Manager Job Description

We are seeking a talented marketing mind to focus on lead nurturing and converting sales leads to influential customers. You will be responsible for understanding what activities increase customer generation from an existing client database and using inbound marketing methodologies such as email and social media to add value to content, resources, and other calls-to-action.


  • Analyze and interpret what behaviors and patterns make customers successful and more likely to be retained by the company.
  • Create the strategy for nurturing our leads through a mix of helpful content and other calls-to-action.
  • Find new approaches to lead nurturing, including but not limited to channels like email, social media, blogging, and event marketing.
  • Create and implement new projects and creative ideas that help improve customer conversion rates.
  • Implement lead nurture strategies including authoring of social and email copy.


  • BA/BS or equivalent working experience
  • Expert in HubSpot Marketing automation, segmentation and workflow management.
  • Past experience with the full HubSpot marketing suite and management of cross-channel campaigns
  • Excellent speaking knowledge of digital marketing tactics, not just email.
  • Excellent writer and communicator with the ability to align that communication with the larger company tone.
  • Light graphic design experience (PLUS)
  • Experience in Marketo, Autopilot HQ, MailChimp, Constant Contact (All a PLUS)
  • Client facing and or agency experience (PLUS)


As you can see this marketing manager job description covers just about everything. The one point that I would like to make is the importance of the marketing technology stack. HubSpot, Marketo, Autopilot, etc are all mentioned throughout the marketing manager job description.

This is highly important people. Set your marketing up for success, not failure with the right marketing technology.

Marketing Manager Education

For the most part, a good marketing manager is going to hold a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Communications, Design, or another business discipline. However, there are more and more companies looking for an MBA to lead their marketing because they are looking for leaders.

I come from a little different point of view on education. Yes, I hold a B.S. in marketing, an MBA, and an M.S. in Leadership, but I have learned more about marketing since I left graduate school. Experience and the ability to learn are really must have in my opinion. Education is a great base for your marketing manager, but marketing continues to change so the ability to learn and adapt is critical in any business environment.

We’re talking about practice! We’re talking about practice… We ain’t talking about the game! We’re talking about practice, man! -Allen Iverson

Don’t be that marketing manager, it takes practice to become the best possible marketing manager.

Marketing Manager Salary

Okay, this new hire sound like the total package. You are right, they are the total package. Marketers are probably the coolest group of individuals on the planet.

In order to get top marketing talent, you are going to need to hire a rock star. Rock stars do not come cheap. Yes, you can hire a new college graduate for $45,000 per year plus benefits. Reality is that the median pay for a marketing manager is around $125,000 per year after benefits.

The high salary of the marketing manager keeps many companies from getting started marketing. There is just not a line item in the budget for this highly skilled new hire. If you are going to hire an internal marketing manager, make sure that you get the right fit for your company and find someone that will drive your results.

Conclusion – Marketing Manager Job Description

As you can see there is a lot that goes into the marketing manager role, the marketing manager job description is ever-changing and robust. The ability to generate results through marketing is a unique person. In most cases, it is a team, not just a highly talented individual. Marketing is an investment in the future of your company. The right marketing solution will help your business grow.

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