The Most Important Email You Will Ever Write: Welcome Email

Part of your inbound marketing includes email marketing. There is one email that could increase your success. Your welcome email is very important. 

Email marketing is a great way to increase your revenue. Three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. However, many companies miss the most important email, the welcome email. 

Your inbound marketing strategy is working. You are driving targeted traffic to your website, visitors are turning into leads through strategically placed calls to actions, and your landing pages are converting like crazy. Now, what do you do with all these leads? “Let’s start emailing our new leads with coupons, promotions, and sales.” High fives all around because we are going to drive revenue through the roof. Not so fast there over eager Spammy McSpammerson. This tactic can be almost as bad as buying an email list.

Let’s first set the tone with a welcome email to your new subscribers.

Why Your Welcome Email Is Important

There is a very easy way to improve your email marketing. It all starts with the most important email you can send. The welcome email. The welcome email is the most important email in any email marketing strategy. It will help introduce your brand, set expectations, offer value, help you get social, and get personal.

Introduce Your Brand

Okay, some person just filled out a form on your website. You are ready to start pumping out the deals, offers and push the new subscriber through the sales funnel. Before you send one email to the new subscriber, make sure to introduce your brand to them. If you start to sell too quickly, you will end up in the SPAM folder or even worse get the dreaded unsubscribe.

Start the relationship by introducing your brand to the subscriber. Start with an email from the founder or owner of your company. Give the customer a reason to connect with your brand. If you really want to deliver a knockout, shoot a short video and link it to the email thanking them for subscribing. There is no better way to introduce your brand than through a video.

Set Expectations

Let the subscriber know what you are going to be doing. Let them know how often you are going to email them, what day you are going to email them, and what you will be emailing them about. Setting expectations will help the subscriber know what to expect and know if they even want your emails. It is better to email a person that wants your email than someone that does not want to hear from you.

Your email can state, “We are a company that provides ______ and we will be emailing you X times per month about _______.” It can be as simple as that. Just make sure to tell them what you will be doing with their email address, put them at ease. We have all signed up for an email and gotten multiple emails per day trying to sell us or up sell us on a product or services. If this is your strategy, let the email subscriber know that, so they can find the unsubscribe button.

What Value Do You Offer

We have all received emails that have absolutely no value and those emails have a one-way ticket to the delete box. So don’t let your email marketing strategy become a hook shot into the trash bin. Start adding value in the very first email you send to the subscriber. Present an additional free offer; a second ebook, another white paper, or an invitation to a subscriber only webinar. Get creative, your setting the precedent from day one.

Let the subscriber know that your emails are going to add value from the very first email to the last email you ever send them. If the email subscriber knows that you are going to add value, they will be waiting, no wanting your next email.

Ask Them To Join You On Social

Your social media marketing strategy is very important to your business. While you have the email subscriber’s attention with the welcome email, ask them to join you on social. Make sure to tell them why it would be beneficial for them to follow you on social media. If your social media plan consists of contest or giveaways let them know and tell them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever platform you are using. Just don’t tell them to follow you if you are only sharing the same information that is in your emails.

Ask them A Question, and Reply!

One of the best tactics that I have seen is to ask the email subscriber an open-ended question. “What are you currently struggling with,” is a great way to prompt a reply. Asking a question does two things.

  1. Helps the email subscriber engage with you as a person or brand. Your email is being sent from a person within your organization (preferably owner or founder) and this gesture will help the subscriber know that you care, helping you engage with the subscriber one on one.
  2. Asking a question lets you know if your company can help the subscriber out. Does your product or service fit a need for the subscriber or is the subscriber just looking for information? If they need your product or service it could start the sales cycle. A quick follow-up could result in the addition of a customer.

Asking questions is a great way to engage with your subscriber and learn more about what your subscriber is looking for. Get personal and engage with your email subscribers.

How To Increase The Open Rate On Your Welcome Email

We now know that the welcome email is the most important email in any email marketing strategy. So how does your company get people to care about your email marketing? There are three items that can help you increase your open rate.

Deliver Value To Their Inbox

If you are adding value to the subscriber, they will open it. The very best way to kick off a welcome series is to deliver upon an offer. If your inbound marketing strategy is working, you have a call to action and landing page that the subscriber filled out asking them to do something. Use your welcome email to deliver the offer you promised (the eBook, whitepaper, video, etc.).

Make It Personal

Personalize the email if at all possible. If you have the first name and last name of the subscriber, use it. This will help your email subscriber feel like they are special. Even if the email is automated, it will help then feel as if it was sent from a person. If you can use their name in the subject line, even better. Personalizing the email will increase your open rate.

State The Value In The Subject Line

I am sure you are seeing a theme here. Add value and give the email subscriber a reason to open your email. It is not rocket science and we are not splitting atoms. Let them know in the subject line what value the email is adding. “Steve, here is your Social Media eBook, Enjoy!”, is an example of a great subject line. It is personal and states the value of the email, getting my eBook.


Your welcome email is the most important part of your email marketing strategy and is a great small business marketing idea to generate more customers. Email marketing will help you generate new customers, grow sales, and generate more referral business. In order to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, create a value added welcome email.

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