Way better marketing starts by not marketing to yourself

Are you your ideal customer? No, create way better marketing by not marketing to yourself. Remember, you and your customer are different.

Stop Marketing to Yourself. I hate to break it to you. You are not your ideal customer.

The other day while at a client meeting we started discussing their pay-per-click campaigns. We have been running Facebook ads and Google AdWords to create traffic to a newly revamped website.

I brought up BING advertising as another potential platform to test. Over the last month I have been experimenting with BING and to be honest, the price per click is affordable and to traffic seems to be legit. We received and prepared a proposal for a client spending just $250 per month. I would say that is pretty reasonable. Right?

“I don’t use BING, who uses BING?”. This was the remark from the client.

I get it, Google owns 90% of the search engine queries. So yes, they are going to dominate. However, there is still 10% of the market that nobody is paying attention too. Opportunity? Maybe.

Further, the client receives about 35% of their total traffic from Google and 9.7% of their total traffic from BING. So yes, your customer does use BING. Remember, every PC on the planet comes installed with Microsoft based programs, including the amazing Edge browser and the default search engine is BING (say what?). Your ideal client is probably using a work PC to search work solutions. Just saying.

My point here is simple. When you are marketing, always look for value. If there is a way to generate results with a new channel, test it. I am not saying that BING ads are better than Google AdWords, but you never know.

Remember, your marketing is not for you. Just because you do something, does not mean your customer does things the same way. Marketing is for your customer, not you.

How to Create Marketing Your Customer Is Going to Love

Marketing is more than just throwing up ads and hoping that they convert to leads. Marketing takes research, strategy, and execution to work. So, what can you do to get better marketing results for your business?

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

Marketing starts by understanding your customer needs. Before you spend a dollar on marketing make sure that you know what your customer wants and needs.

I believe there is a misconception in marketing that we need to focus on our “why”. I believe that your customer is a selfish person and only cares about themselves, for the most part. Before you can even explain your “why”, your customer needs to know how you are going to help solve their problems.

Once you understand the how then you can get touchy feely and focus on your why. You “why” is important. Don’t get me wrong. But we need to create the how before the why.

Create A Marketing Message That Resonates with Your Customer

Okay, you know how you are going to help your customer and really understand their pain points and problems. It is now time to create a message that is going to resonate and stick out in a crowded room.

Your marketing message must cut to the chase and tell the customer how you are going to help them solve their problems. Your message needs to introduce your what and how your what is going to solve the problem your customer has.

Be Helpful and Add Value

We receive more and more marketing messages every single day. The more messages we receive the more diluted the messages become. This makes it harder and harder to get your message in front of the right person.

My belief is that adding value to your customer is going to help you cut through the noise. Just like this blog (hopefully you are finding it helpful), I am trying to add value and answer your questions. I want to help make your marketing, way better (grammar police, go).

Maybe your marketing is not working, and you are looking for solutions. Maybe you are new to marketing and you are looking to get started. The goal here is that I am trying to add value through this post and give your guidance.

I am not selling anything. Just trying to add value.

Start Creating Content, Tons of Content

“I am already super busy, how I am going to create more content for my business?” It is a valid question and something my clients ask me a lot. Blogging for your business takes time. Video marketing takes time and money. I get it.

This is the wrong way of looking at content. It does not take more than 15 minutes per day to do a quick update on Facebook. Creating content for your business should just be part of your daily marketing checklist.

Carve out 15-20 minutes per day and start creating something. Below is an example of my friend Rob. He is not a professional videographer or anything. However, he is doing what he can to increase his insurance business. Check it out.

Understand What You Are Trying to Accomplish

Before you throw up some ads and start promoting your business, make sure you understand what you are really trying to accomplish. Set yourself some goals.

For example, at the time of writing this post, the site is less than a week old. This blog post is part of a bigger content marketing plan to generate more traffic. Knowing this my goal is to rank for a particular keyword “way better marketing”. This keyword only receives 90 hits per month, but if I can capture that market, it is 90 more hits than last month.

The point here is every tactic you choose has a cost associated with it. This cost is either real hard-earned money or labor. If you are going to invest your time or money, ensure that you have an end goal in mind.

Never Stop Testing Your Marketing

While chatting with a very experienced marketer, we discussed how he had figured it out. He knows how to set it and forget it in his marketing. He was driving tons of traffic, leads, and it was super easy. Love this.

Here is the problem. It is working now. However, when Facebook or Google make a change, you are going to have to figure it out. Oh, and you are going to lose a ton of money and momentum in the process.

You should never stop testing your marketing. You should be testing your marketing every day challenging your previous thoughts and opinions. Once you stop challenging your marketing and testing new ideas, you are going to fall behind.

I am a huge fan of optimizing my marketing, but I am also never satisfied with the results. This means I am testing like crazy. You should do the same if you want to create way better marketing (come at me grammar police).

Use a CRM

Whenever I am having Daily Coffee Conversation with strangers, I always ask, “what CRM is your company using?”

“What is a CRM?”, is the typical response.

I got news for you dudes, your business and marketing should be built on a CRM. Your CRM or customer relationships management software holds all your valuable customer information. It also sets the stage for marketing automation.

There are tons of CRM platforms on the market and depending on your budget and needs, the price will vary. So, do your research and find the solution that works for you.

Set Aside A Budget and Use It

Okay, while building a marketing agency and prospecting clients one of the most frustrating things we run into is the lack of budget, any budget.

Here is the point. We all want to become growth hackers and do weird and unique things to launch our businesses. I get it. It is fun to call yourself a growth hacker. I mean, I am sitting in a coffee shop every morning, wanting somebody to come to a chat with me.

The reality is this. You are going to need to invest money into Facebook ads, PPC campaigns, events, tradeshows, gas to get to a networking event, something. If you sit behind your computer all day long, hoping to growth hack your way to a million dollars like the blog post you just read, you are never going to increase your revenue.

So, set aside a budget and start using it. Get to know your customer and know where they hang out. Invest your marketing dollars in the right places and watch your revenue grow.

You do not need to invest $10,000 per month into marketing. Start with $50 per month and continue to invest your increased sales into your marketing efforts. It does not have to be that hard. Start small and expand as you grow.

Automate Marketing Tasks for Scale

There is going to be a group of individuals out there that disagree with me. My belief is that you should only automate your marketing once you know what is working. If you are doing the same task every day, then maybe that is a task you should look to automate.

We all want to think that marketing automation is the greatest thing on the planet. Well, it is when done right. It can also be the worst thing for your business if done wrong.

Example. I have a client that wants to automate their sales process. We have developed an entire process, email sequences, and created landing pages for this process. Once we start testing the process we hear that the sales team has a completely different process. Well, there goes about 2 months of work and a ton of money. We have to recreate it based on the actual sales process.

Automation is great. I use it every day. However, I only automate my marketing once I really understand my system. If I do something 2-3 times per day, it is time to look into automation.

Don’t start marketing automation too fast. Understand what you are trying to automate before you get down and dirty. Create way better marketing by automating your routine tasks and scale your ability to reach more people.

Hustle, Hustle, and Hustle some More

I know we just talked about automating your marketing, but if you want your marketing to work, you need to put in the work. You can’t automate your way to success. Yes, you can automate some of your marketing, but you still need to write the blog post, update your social media, create the newsletter, and so-on.

The marketing guru that thinks they can automate marketing is not only going to hurt your brand but will eat up your budget. Roll up the sleeves and get the work done, dude.

Recycle and Repurpose Your Marketing

Adding value to your potential audience is vital to the marketing process. However, creating content on a consistent basis can be difficult. So, recycle and repurpose your content to give your marketing new life.

For example, if you create a blog post that is 1,200 words, you should be able to create 3-4 unique Facebook posts. Post these “repurposed” piece of content over the next 2-3 months. This is going to give your content new life and extend the life of your content.

The ability to recycle and repurpose your marketing is going to let you do more with less. It will also help you focus on creating way better marketing for your audience. The better the marketing, the better the results.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Marketing really takes a team. If you are trying to do everything yourself, it is going to become hard to continue to push forward. Trust me, I know from experience.

When I first started out, I could not afford a graphic designer. This hurt my business. This hurt the brand that I was trying to build. I was trying to sell high-end marketing services but lacked a critical element of the process, graphics. Once I partnered with a graphic designer, things took off. We were able to close high ticket clients and keep them.

Surround yourself with the right talent. The better the talent, the better your marketing. The better your marketing, the bigger your business. Just find the right people to help you push forward.

Build 5 Marketing Channels for Success

I know if you read pretty much any blog, talk to any marketing guru, or listen to any podcast you are led to believe that all you need to do is focus on digital marketing, inbound marketing, creating the right sales funnel, or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong digital marketing can be huge for your business. My belief is that you should focus on more than just one channel of marketing. If you can successfully build 5 channels of marketing, you will be is good shape.

When I talk about a marketing channel I am talking about a different way of getting in front of your customers. This can be through digital, trade shows, networking, direct mail, or anything that makes sense.

It is simple really simple. The more opportunities you give yourself. The faster you can grow your revenue. Start planning your next marketing channel now.

Understand What is Working

Analytics, data, graphs, and charts should be part of your marketing. I am going to make the point and move on. Yes, it is that important to measure your marketing. Ensure you are measuring your marketing against your goals. This is the only way to know what is actually working in your marketing.

Again, this is super important. You need to know where your revenue is coming from so you can double down on your successes.

Move Forward Everyday

There is plenty of motivational speaker out there that can give you the “hustle” speech. We all know we need to put in the work. It is that easy.

My goal is to do something for my company, clients, and myself every day. Sure, I might not publish a blog post daily or update Instagram with a new story, but I am always creating something or doing something.

I want you to make a promise to yourself. If you get home late after work and you have not worked on your marketing, do something before you turn on the TV. This could be as easy as writing one paragraph for a new blog post. It could be working on the next social media update.

I do a lot of my marketing once the kids are in bed for the night, after 8:30 pm.

Do something, anything, daily.

Way Better Marketing Conclusion

Fast forward 2 weeks and a total spend of less than $100. There are 2 new leads in the demo phase of their sales pipeline and a potential revenue of $24,000 (average lifetime value is $12k). The experiment is working. The cost per click is lower than AdWords ($1.82 versus $2.85) and there are leads coming in.

Yeah, yeah.

Now, are we going to move everything over to BING? No, Google AdWords is generating results and it is how we built their business. We know it works.

Stop looking at yourself as your ideal client or customer. This is never going to work for you. Test new markets, test new ideas, never let yourself get in the way of your next big marketing breakthrough. Let your data lead your marketing efforts.

Test, test, and test some more.

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