The DIY Marketing Dilemma. In-house or external?

For many of us, we choose the DIY marketing route because it is fun, we are trying to save money, or whatever. However, this might be hurting your business.
As a growing business, we often struggle with marketing. Running a business is hard enough. Is our message right, are we using the right tactics, or is our marketing working? These are all questions that we ask ourselves. The ability to generate demand for your business is important to the growth of your company. 
Many of us believe that going the DIY marketing route is going to save us money. We jump on YouTube and try to learn about the latest marketing tactics to spread our message. We often think that this is the best way to get more out of our business.
After a few months, you have not published a blog and your social media accounts are lacking engagement. You are not doing the things needed to drive our business. You need help.
The DIY marketing dilemma is clear. Do you keep trying it yourselves because you can’t afford to pay a marketing manager, or do you start looking for a marketing help to get the job done

The Case for DIY Marketing

DIY MarketingThere are benefits to keeping your marketing in-house. This could be in the form of hiring that new college grad with a marketing degree. It could also mean rolling up your sleeves and keep things moving. The DIY marketing route may be the right option for you and your company.
  1. Saves money. If you continue the DIY marketing route, you are going to save money. This is the same reason we mow our grass, clean our pool, and try to do the weekend warrior thing. By doing our own marketing we are able to keep a couple dollars in our pocket. 
  2. Nobody cares about your business more than you. Is your marketing help going to stay up until midnight working on your marketing campaigns? No. You care about your business, it is your livelihood. You are going to put more passion and sweat into your marketing than anyone.
  3. You are the industry expert. You know your industry better than anyone on the planet. There is no way that marketing help can know as much as you. You know what your customer wants and know the competition inside and out. This all aids in your marketing.
  4. You control the message and tactics. The case for owning your marketing is something that most businesses want. Building a marketing department and marketing processes that work for your business can be better served inside the company

The Case for Marketing Help

do it yourself marketingYou might be in the position that requires a little external help or assistance in marketing. There is no shame in throwing in the towel on your DIY marketing and looking for marketing help. In fact, this might be the best thing you can do for your business in the long run.
  1. You are not the marketing expert. Do you know what work works when it comes to marketing? Did you know that you can retarget any website visitor on social media? This tactic is something that most companies do not know exists. External marketing help can help you set the right tactics to drive your business.
  2. Saves time. This is the main reason that most companies look for when hiring external marketing help. The ability to save time. Let’s face it, you should be spending at least 2 hours a day on your marketing. From creating social media posts to blogging for your business, this all takes time. External help can get the job done for you, letting you focus on other projects and priorities.
  3. More creativity, better results. Marketing takes a team. You need a creative person to create graphics, a marketing manager to guide the process and analyze your campaigns, and a wordsmith or copywriter to craft the right message. Sometimes, this is one person, but most of the time this is a team. External marketing help can help you with the creativity and get you the results you are looking for.
  4. Cost more in the end. This is going to surprise some of you. The DIY marketing route might actually be costing you more in the long run. By hiring the right marketing help, you could be seeing better results. The amount you spend on external marketing help should increase your return on investment.

DIY Marketing Conclusion

The decision is up to you. Should you go the DIY marketing route, or should you look for external marketing help? Only you can answer this question but remember there are pros and cons to each approach.
The goal is to get the right marketing solution in place for your business. This could be internal or external. The right marketing team behind your marketing is going to drive the results that you need and want.
Is it time to revamp your marketing? Let us help find the right marketing partner for your company. We have hundreds of verified marketing agencies that can help you reach your marketing goals.

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