How To Start Blogging For Your Business Before It Is Too Late

Your business needs more leads and customers in order to survive. You also need more traffic to your website to generate more leads and customers. Blogging for your business is the best way to generate more traffic to your website.

Your business needs more leads and customers in order to survive. You also need more traffic to your website to generate more leads and customers. Blogging for your business is the best way to generate more traffic to your website. The question becomes, “how to start blogging for my business?”

If you are looking for ways to increase visibility to your business, a blog is a great way to increase brand exposure. Blogging for business is not a new concept. Since 2005 when HubSpot started promoting a new way to market, inbound marketing, blogging for your business has become a major marketing tactic.

Blogging for business drives more traffic to your website, showcases your business as the industry expert, and helps answer your customer’s greatest questions. The benefits of blogging for your business go on and on.

Steps To Start Blogging For Your Business

Blogging for business is a great idea and you are on board. You are looking for new ways to find new customers and increase your revenue. However, many businesses do not blog because they simply do not know how. Well, today we will give you the lowdown to get you started blogging for your business.

Set Up A Blog on Your Website

This is probably the hardest part of blogging. Getting the blog set up does take a little technical ability. However, if your business website is built on WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, or another standard website builder, you should be ready to blog. If your website does not include a native blog, you will need to get some help. Here is a great resource on how to get started with WordPress.

How To Get Started With WordPress

Get To Know Your Customers

The blog is set up and you are getting ready to publish your first post about your weekend. Well, let’s be honest your customers really do not care about your weekend. Your customers really only care about themselves. So, get to know your customer and create content that they will enjoy, adds value to their life, or answers their burning questions. Some of the best blogs for business are just long-form Q&A columns.

Create A Content Calendar

Enhance your blog and Create A Content Calendar

The content or blogging calendar is essential to staying focused. This calendar is going to host your ideas and give you the deadlines to publish your posts. Your content calendar is your plan of attack and helps you stay consistent with your plan. Blogging is highly strategic in nature, so your content calendar is going to give you a high-level overview of what needs to get done.

Write Daily

You are going to jump into this blogging for business thing full steam ahead. Well, I will warn you now it can get hard at times but will pay off in the long run. Something I do to ensure that I do not get writer’s block, run out of ideas, or give up is schedule time every day to write.

Yes, there are times that I throw out an entire writing session because the content was garbage. But writing every day helps me stay focused and moving. If you stop moving to your publish date you are going to feel the stress and pressure to get the next blog out. Not the best time to write.

Get Another Set of Eyes On Your Post

Have you ever been writing and get so involved in the piece that you lose sight and look over minor mistakes? I am guilty of this, many times over. I always try to get another set of eyes on the post before it gets published to ensure it makes sense and I did not overlook things like there versus theirs.

Publish Your Posts

Now you have a finished product, you are ready to post it for the world to see. Add some images (personalized images are best) and hit the publish button. It is really that easy once you get to know your blogging platform.

Promote Your Blog Posts

Promote Your Blog Posts to get the most exposure

Your post is out there for the world to see. It is time to let everyone know that you are the proud author of a new blog post. Most companies forget to promote their blog posts to get more eyes on it. You can do this with or without a budget.

If you have a budget it would be wise to promote your blog post on Facebook. I have spent as little as $1 to get more eyes on my blog. If you are able to promote your post, it will just help more people see it.

If you do not have a budget, make sure to use your social media channels. It is good practice to post your blog more than one time. In fact, I never stop promoting my blog posts on social media. Every couple of days the blog gets a tweet or Facebook update.

Finally, send the blog post to your email list. This is a freebie.

Your blog is not going to be successful unless you promote it. This is the biggest mistake that companies, especially small companies make when blogging.

How To Start Blogging Conclusion

Many businesses have a website in the middle of the forest. It is time to start blogging for your business and give people, your customers, a reason to stop by. Your blog is the best way to drive more traffic to your website, even if you are a newbie to search engine optimization. Drive new visitors to your website with valuable blog posts created for your ideal customer.

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