Small Business Marketing Solutions

Stop worrying about your marketing and start worrying about your business.

When it comes to marketing your products or services you may be too close to the business and don’t know where to start. CoBound helps business owners start small and scale marketing in order to grow smart and efficient.


Content Marketing

Content marketing or blogging for business will help you find new customer thorough value-driven content creation.

Social Advertising

The days of free organic reach are just about over. Advertising on social media lets your company find the right customers.


In order to rank higher, every page needs to be optimized for search engines and tracked over time to generate results.

Website Development

Your website is the first and last place your customer looks before doing business with you. Ensure you are sending the right message.

Email Marketing

Sending regular emails will drive higher conversions and referrals. Email marketing gives direct access to your customers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses customer behavior to send the right message and move your customer down the sales pipeline.

Reporting & Analytics

Do you know what is happening with your marketing efforts? Using data from your marketing efforts will help enhance your marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategy

Before you start marketing, your company needs a plan of attack. A marketing strategy will help guide your marketing efforts for the next year.

Marketing Message

Your marketing message must connect with your audience to drive conversions. Once your marketing message is defined your brand can thrive.

Monthly marketing packages start at $650 per month. The CoBound membership includes 7 hours of strategic marketing or tactical marketing execution. Additional marketing hours can be purchased at $75 per hour.