Can A Small Business Marketing Package Help Your Business?

As a small business generating new business on the cheap is important. So, does a small business marketing package make sense to help increase your revenue.

Marketing a small business can be very difficult. Running a small business can be even harder. Do small business marketing packages help or hurt your business?

Over the years, one of the most common problems that I hear is the lack of marketing budget is keeping small business from growing. There is a need for small businesses to find new customers and grow. This helps increase cash flow and keep the lights on. However, there is little to no budget to promote the business, especially in the beginning.

Research shows that more than 60% of all customers research the company before making a purchase. So, your marketing and marketing message is extremely important for business growth.

One way that many small businesses look to keep cost low is by finding a small business marketing package. The thought is that the marketing package will keep cost low and get the results they are expecting.

These small business marketing packages sound great on the surface, hey anything is better than nothing. The question is, do they actually drive the results you are looking for.

The Truth About Small Business Marketing Packages

According to the SBA, the average business should invest 6-10% of their sales into marketing. Well, if your business is doing $250k in annual revenue and has 2 employees making $50k a year, this leaves $150k minus any overhead. Oh yeah, you also need to take home some bacon as well.

At the end of the day, the average small business is not able to invest much more than $500 per month into marketing. So, the majority of small business owners will resort to DIY marketing tactics to stretch the marketing budget. Thus, getting lackluster results.

Small businesses turn to the college-educated marketing expert or marketing agency to start getting real results. After 3-6 months nothing happens. I mean there is more traffic coming to the website and the email list has grown. The problem is there is no additional revenue.

Small businesses marketing is extremely hard. Most small businesses are going up against much bigger businesses that have much bigger budgets. Outspending larger companies is not an option. This is where the small business marketing package comes in.

A small business marketing package typically involves a website, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and a monthly analytics report.

Here is the rub (I know, a lot of setup to get to the good stuff). Your small business marketing guru needs to make money and his or her time is very valuable. Your $500 gets you about 5 hours of work a month, maybe 10 if you are lucky. This includes meetings and running your analytical reports. Your entire budget went into labor, not the promotion of your business. This is a problem.

The Pros of Small Business Marketing Packages

pros and cons of a small business marketing package

A small business marketing package can be exactly what your business needs to finally start generating more leads. If done correctly, a marketing package can help you through a proven marketing process. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you would want to consider a small business marketing package.

Low-Cost Marketing

Packages usually come with a lower price than an a la carte marketing solution. A marketing package is a proven marketing system that has been implemented and refined. The guesswork and technology barriers have been taken out of the equation, saving time and money. This saving is then passed on to you, the customer. Hopefully.

Get Started Doing Something

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” – General Patton

It is my belief that marketing needs to be executed in order to see results. Many marketing agencies and marketing gurus hide behind the strategy because they do not actually know how to do work. A small business marketing package is a great way to get moving and start your marketing, without writing or refining our message.

Can Generate Real Results

The whole goal of marketing is to generate real results for your business. A proven marketing package can help your business by generating results faster. If done the right way, your business will increase revenue and be able to invest more money into your marketing.

Saves You Time

Are you a DIY marketing business owner? Do you spend more time marketing your business than actually running your business? A small business marketing package can help save you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Stop the DIY marketing madness and start generating real results.

The Cons of Small Business Marketing Packages

small business marketing package right for your business

Okay, before you go and smash that add to cart button and purchase a small business marketing package. Let’s look at the cons.

Cut Corners to Get More Done

Over the years, I have talked to businesses that have simply wasted money. There are small business marketing programs out there that repurpose content across a broad set of clients. This makes your marketing generic and unengaging.

If you believe that your marketing help is going to cut corners, then you are probably with the wrong person. If it feels too good to be true, then it probably is.

Get Junior Level Marketing Talent

Before I get on my high horse and bash some great upcoming talent, I know that I was once there. I was once a junior level marketing manager. That being said, your business needs someone that has experience. Not to say that junior level talent can’t get the job done, but when it comes to marketing, you need top level talent to move the needle.

There is a saying in our business, “Did your nephew design that website?” Just because they say they can do your marketing, does not mean that they should be doing your marketing.

What Can You Do?

Is a small business marketing package a good marketing idea that will help you generate new channels of revenue? Yes, I believe that the right marketing package can be a good idea. Just like anything, you need to ensure that you are doing your research and get the right marketing help.

The small business marketing agency that helps you should have the following in place.

  • Start with a customized marketing plan. Every marketing package should start with a customized marketing plan. The tactics in your marketing package can be the same, but your message and targeting need to be customized for your business. Before you get started, ensure there is a customized marketing plan in place.
  • Make sure you have a growth-driven website. Building a website from a template is fine. It is not ideal, but the on-going support and blogging for your business will drive new visitors and conversion. Make sure that your small business website is built with growth-driven design and can adapt to your marketing needs.
  • Start with lead generation. Any small business marketing package should focus on lead generation. This means part of your budget needs to go to advertising on Facebook or Google. If you want your small business marketing to pay off, you are going to have to pay for impressions. Impressions lead to customers.
  • Create sales funnels and marketing automation. A small business marketing package should try to squeeze every dollar into revenue. Creating sales funnels and automating repetitive marketing tasks is the best way to do this. Your marketing package needs to include a complete journey of the buyer, from initial research to close of a contract.
  • Focus on revenue generating tactics. In the beginning, you need results in order to continue to fund your marketing package. If your marketing guru is not mapping tactics to revenue, you need to look elsewhere. With today’s marketing technology, you can map just about every dollar back to a campaign or marketing tactic.

Is A Small Business Marketing Package Right for You?

Your business is important. You deserve marketing that is going to increase revenue and generate real results. A small business marketing package and the right assistance in marketing can be the solution for you and your business. Just ensure that you have a game plan when you pick your marketing package.

Truth be told, most marketing is a package or some sort. For example, content marketing or blogging for your business is going to be sold as a package. The bigger the content marketing package, the more blog posts you are going to receive.

Running a business is hard work. Finding the right small business marketing package is going to depend on the needs of your business. I hope that as you interview your potential on-demand marketing team, you get a good sense of the capabilities of you hired marketing guru.

Is your small business ready to take flight? Learn more about our small business marketing packages or Rocket Fuel for your business.

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