Stop the DIY marketing madness.
Start focusing on your business.

This simple lead generation process was designed for the small business that needs to focus on results, not fluff.

Growth-Driven Website

Build your marketing on a data-driven website that is designed to generate leads.

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Security and SSL
  • Website Hosting
  • On-page search engine optimization
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Analytic Reporting

Build your website on 15 years of marketing knowledge. We start with the basics and build a website that works.

Marketing & Sales Platform

Your marketing belongs on a platform to manage leads and automate repetitive tasks.

  • CRM Software
  • Lead Scoring
  • Email Marketing
  • Behavioral-Based Email Automation
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Customer Timeline

Start creating marketing that your customers actually want by tracking every interaction even before you know who they are.


Our proven lead generation process promotes your business to your target audience.

  • Understand your target audience
  • Create your marketing ads
  • Target your ideal customer
  • Push traffic to your website
  • Convert traffic to leads
  • Nurture leads to close

Increase the effectiveness by targeting the right audience to drive your business.


Lead nurturing will help move buyers closer to closing and let you know when they are ready.

  • Email drip campaigns
  • Social media retargeting campaigns
  • Lead scoring
  • Behavioral email
  • Cold-lead reactivation
  • Warm lead notifications

Closing a lead can take as many as 16 touches. Increase the chance that they choose you over the competition.

The Small Business Marketing Hub Process

Month One

Prepare to launch. The first month of any marketing campaign is dedicated to the set-up, build, and groundwork. During the month we set up your small business marketing hub up for success.


We start by getting to know your business. Our on-boarding questionnaire helps us kick off you campaign in record speed.

Website Build

Your new 5-page data-driven website will be designed, developed, and launched within 1 month.

Sales Funnel

As we build your website we map out and build your first sales funnel. This includes landing pages and email sequences.


30-days from the campaign kickoff, we launch your first lead generation campaign and growth-driven website.


If your marketing is going to Mars, you need plenty of rocket fuel and course correction. We ensure that your lead generation campaigns are shooting up and to the right.


Every month we look over your lead generation campaigns to ensure that they are still on target. Our goal is to optimize every campaign for maximum ROI.


If your lead generation rocket is off course, we correct it. From the message to art work we adjust and tweak the campaigns to get the best bang for your buck.


Depending on your launch plan, we launch your additional lead generation campaigns. The more campaigns in place, the more we test and optimize. We love data.


Every month you receive details of your launch plan and the recommendation. This plan is delivered as a PDF document and discussed over the phone. Transparency is key.

Epic Valet: Case StudyLead Generation

The Problem:

Epic Valet was looking to create a digital home base that attracted visitors to their website. In the past, they had used organic SEO companies that placed them on local directories. Traffic was minimal from the efforts. It was time to create a marketing hub that increased traffic and generated new leads.

The Solution:

Before the lead generating campaigns could start, the website needed to be recreated to capture and convert visitors to leads. This included a website refresh, landing page creation, and implementation of a CRM.

In addition to the new and improved website, Epic Valet needed a way to generate interest and impressions. The introduction of Facebook ads and a strategic sales funnel was set up to increase traffic and nurture leads.

The Results:

Once the new website was finished and published (just under 1 month), the Facebook advertising started. The results were as follows.

  • Organic search traffic increase of 34%
  • Total website traffic increase of 61%
  • Social media traffic increase of 1,420%
  • New lead conversion of 2,500% from the website

The results are strong from the campaign. The average increase in monthly revenue was 5.3% over the last 6 months. Overall, the growth hub has been a huge success for Epic Valet.

Organic Traffic Increase - 34%
Total Website Traffic Increase - 61%
Social Media Traffic Increase - 1,420%
$599 /mo


Marketing Platform & CRM

Included Advertising ($200)

1 Customer Campaign

Monthly Reporting

Marketing Automation

Standard On-boarding

Growth-Driven Website

Monthly Search Engine Optimization


$999 /mo


Marketing Platform & CRM

Included Advertising ($400)

2 Customer Campaign

Monthly Reporting

Marketing Automation

Standard On-boarding

Growth-Driven Website

Monthly Search Engine Optimization


$1,499 /mo


Marketing Platform & CRM

Included Advertising ($600)

3 Customer Campaign

Monthly Reporting

Marketing Automation

Expert On-boarding

Growth-Driven Website

Monthly Search Engine Optimization


* Marketing platform is provided by SharpSpring. This includes unlimited users, up to 20,000 contacts (leads), and 25,000 emails per month.

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