Should You Invest In Social Media Training

Does social media confuse you? Yeah, I get it. Social media training should be part of your normal process of sharpening your tools.

You have to be a hipster to use social media, right? Wrong, I am not a hipster and I love social media marketing. Social media is not for the hipsters and kids anymore. It is for the business owner grinding out every single day. It is for the big boys or gals, like you and me. We are business owners and we are looking for every possible way to generate more leads and increase our revenue. We are looking for every advantage we can take to build our business.

So you have not invested in social media training yet. That is fine. Your competition is and will be taking your customers to dinner, not you. Yes, you need to become better at social media in order to make your business work.

6 Reasons to Invest In Social Media Training

If you are still not convinced about the value of social media marketing, here are 6 reasons you should take it seriously and invest some time and effort into your social media.

Stay On Top of Changes

What did Facebook do to their algorithm last week? Snapchat, what is that? Does this sound familiar to you? I bet.

Social media is always changing and evolving. Not to mention the amount of new social media platforms that pop up all the time. Every time I look around there is a new social media platform waiting for me.

The only way to stay on top of the latest and greatest is taking the time to invest in your social media training.

Part of Your Intergrated Marketing Plan

Okay, you are one of the few that are not sold on this whole social media marketing thing. I get it, Gramps, you are old school.

The only problem is that social media is part of an integrated marketing plan. Integrated marketing takes your old school marketing tactics (they still work) and combines them with your digital marketing efforts to create something even better. A complete marketing plan. Imagine that.

So even if you are not the social media wise hipster, it is time to start acting like it and complete your marketing plan. Integrated marketing will generate more leads and increase your revenue. It is that simple.

Your Customers Are Already on Social Media

Facebook alone has nearly 1 billion active users. Not users that sign in once or twice a month, but are engaged in the platform.

Your customers are already having conversations on social media. Your company needs to be doing the same. Your company must be following where the customers are going. They are moving from the traditional marketing spaces (TV, print, radio) to these new marketing channels. Follow them.

The real trick is not to intrude on their social media feeds, but add value to the conversation. Make sure that your social media marketing plan keeps the best interest’s of the users in mind, not your selfish marketing wants and needs.

Your customers are already on social media, it is time to join them and get in the conversation.

Give Your Customers Instant Gratification

Do you know where your smartphone is? Did you just have a mini heart attack because you thought that you misplaced it? Do not worry you are not alone. As a species we have changed and evolved to include the latests and greatest phone in our reach.

Odds are your phone is within an arm’s reach. Customers are no different than you. They are looking for ways to get instant gratification. Social media gives them this.

Let’s face it the smartphone and social media are an extension of your arm. There is no getting around it; your company needs to learn how to engage with your target audience through social media. Give your customers what they want, instant gratification.

Build Relationships with Your Customers

How are you building relationships with your customers right now? Are you pushing content down their throat through email marketing? Are you sending a new direct mail every week with a coupon they do not want?

Social media gives you a platform to engage and interact with your customers. I mean it, ask them questions, respond to their posts and tweets, and get to know them as more than just a customer.

For years, companies have pushed their agenda down the throat of the consumer, it is time to stop. Social media is a way to deliver an experience that they are not expecting, a two-sided conversation.

Tell Your Company Story

Does your company have a story to tell? I sure hope so. Even a company that is considered boring has a story to tell (I am looking at you CPA’s).

Get creative with social media and pull back the curtain a little bit. People do business with people; show your customers that there are real people behind the brand. People love a good story, why not tell yours?

Final Thoughts…

Over the years, social media has changed. When Facebook was designed it was for college students to stay in touch. Now, it is a billion dollar business. It is no longer a question of if, it is a question of when are you going to invest in social media training. Social media is here to stay. Gather as much knowledge and become a social media master.

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