Should Video Marketing Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing?

Video Marketing

Social media posts that use video average 62% higher engagement than posts that do not have a video associated with them.

I am going to be 100% completely honest with you. Video marketing is scary. I tried it at one point and failed. However, it is important to your inbound marketing strategy and video should be taken seriously.

3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Scary

Okay, video marketing is not for everyone, but we know that it is very important. So why are most companies afraid of video marketing?

  1. Takes Time

If you have ever taken any time to create a video, you know that it takes tons of time. Writing a script, setting up the equipment, editing, and finalizing. It can take tons of time and for this reason, most give up on video marketing or never even start.

  1. Camera Shy

Getting in front of a camera is not for everyone. Let’s face it, seeing yourself on camera can be scary. I have even seen public speaking gurus lock up in front of the camera. There is something about sitting down in front of a camera and talking to it that people just do not like.

  1. Equipment

I love technology and gear. However, video marketing takes gear to a whole new level. From the camera, to the sound, to the lighting there is so much gear needed to shoot a quality video.

Video marketing takes a lot of time to master, the more you practice and get in front of the camera, the more comfortable you will feel. Inbound marketing is important to your overall marketing strategy, and video is important to your inbound marketing strategy. It is time to suck it up and get in front of the camera.

5 Reasons Why Video Should Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing

Okay, now you are over the fear of getting in front of the camera or, at least, you are going to give it a try. It is now time to look at the reasons why you should get in front of the camera to promote your business.

  1. Engagement

I am not Hemmingway and odds are you probably are not either. Unless you can write like one of the greats, your written words aren’t going to be as engaging as video. Through video, you can speak to your audience and engage with them in a way that text can only dream of. Yes, I know that blogging for business is important, but a video is more engaging and will draw our audience in.

  1. Use On Multiple Platforms

This is like music to my ears. You can create one video and use it on multiple platforms to extend your reach. Once you record your video, you can upload it to YouTube of course. Once uploaded to YouTube, you can embed the video into your blog. Once on your blog, you can share it across all your social media channels.

However, the fun does not stop with YouTube. You can also upload your video directly to Facebook to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. You can even turn the audio of the video into a podcast. The point here is that you can take that one video file and use it in more than one place.

  1. Not Everyone Likes To Read

Okay, reading is not for everyone. I get it. Video marketing is a great way to give your potential customers and audience an alternative way to engage with your content and your brand. Give your potential audience multiple ways to engage with you.

  1. Builds A Relationship

The Inbound marketing methodology is about attracting customers to your site and building relationships through your content. A video gives a face to your brand and helps build your brand identity. A video gives your brand a way to communicate with your audience, face to face. There is no better way to build a relationship.

  1. People Stay On Your Site Longer

Does your website suffer from high bounce rate or lack of time on site to really sell your products or services? Video marketing will help you increase the time on your site and reduce your bounce rate. If you produce a 2-3 minute video blog post, odds are the visitor will stay on the page for at least a minute. This will increase the time on site, and could even increase the click-through rate of your marketing call to action.

Video Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Inbound Marketing

Video marketing is only going to help improve your overall inbound marketing strategy. It is time to get over the fear of being on camera and start to develop a strong video presence.

If you are taking advantage of video marketing, let us all know how it has improved your overall marketing strategy.

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