Should A PR Agency Blog for Clients?

Blogging is important to your overall marketing plan. The question becomes, can a PR agency blog for your business?

PR or public relations is a vital part of your outward facing marketing strategy. However, over the past years, PR has become an acceptable subtraction for the marketing team makeup.

The other day while in client-agency meeting (this meeting was a meeting with all the agencies that serve the client), it was announced that PR was not going to be part of the marketing team. This had all of us surprised because the client marketing manager had a heavy PR background.

We were told that the press releases were going to be handled through the company blog and the inbound team. They did not see the value of pushing the releases to the media because they were not getting picked up.

Yes, more work for us and a deeper integration into the client. A win for us. However, this got us thinking, should a PR agency blog for their clients. I mean they are expert writers and promotion champions. It seems like a good fit and a way to keep your job as marketing continues to change.

As we discussed this internally, we came to the conclusion that your blog needs to accomplish 5 main points.

Point 1: Blogs should be keyword driven

Blogs should be keyword driven

Blogging for business is about driving new visitors to your website through search engine optimization. The main reason your blog is so important is that every blog post gives you an opportunity to rank for a new keyword in Google. Every blog you write should have a keyword or set of related keywords behind it.

For example, the keyword for this blog post is “pr agency blog” You can see that we added this keyword to the title, URL, image alt tags, and the copy of the blog post. The hope is that we will attract more visitors to this blog post looking for this keyword.

Ensure that your blog is driving traffic to your website through keywords that align with your customer. Don’t just blog because I told you to. Blog because you are driving a purpose.

Point 2: Blogs should be part of an inbound marketing campaign

Blogging is the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy. Blogging is the driver for new website visitors and should be used in a holistic inbound marketing strategy. This includes the following:

  • Attracting new visitors to your website (blogging, SEO, social media, public relations)
  • Conversing visitors to leads (forms and landing pages)
  • Nurturing leads through the buyer’s journey (marketing automation and social media retargeting)
  • Closing leads to customers (lead scoring and CRM management)

This is sometimes where a PR strategy will fail. Public relations can create the blog with great, valuable content. However, the converting, nurturing, and closing mechanisms are going to be lacking. This is what makes inbound marketing so valuable to a company. Inbound marketing touches the customer from initial research to close of a deal.

Blogging is part of a bigger inbound marketing campaign. It is not one-off posts that are fun to write. Blogging takes strategy and execution to be successful. In fact, this blog post is part of a bigger goal and a theme of blogs that are being created. The name of the campaign is “blogging for business“.

All aspects of the inbound marketing campaign should be tracked and analyzed for click, leads, opportunities, and revenue. Analyzing your inbound marketing campaigns from start to finish will should your business what is work and what is not working.

Point 3: Blogs should align with your customers

I could go on about how important your customer or buyer persona is. I could tell you that targeting the right customer is important. But I think that has been talked about already, so I will spare you.

Your blog should go one step beyond the buyer persona. It should actually answer a question your potential customer is asking. For example, “should a PR agency blog for clients?”

A quick tangent about Cobound, stay with me. Our main goal is to help other marketing agencies by offering our result-driven website development and inbound marketing campaigns to expand their services (we will not turn away business from direct companies, we are not stupid). End of the sales pitch.

So, this blog post was written to help answer the question,” should a PR agency blog for clients?” This is the question that our PR friends asked us while on a phone call. So, today we are creating a blog post for them, to answer their question.

I hope you see how this blog post helps answer a question for our main customer. Ensure that your blogging efforts are actually written for the customer, not just because you needed to publish a post on Wednesday. Again, your blogging efforts need to have a purpose.

Point 4: Blogs should build industry leadership

Blogs should build industry leadership

This point is a biggie. Your blog needs to show that you are the leader in the industry. Your blog shows that you know your stuff. The better the blog and the more value-added information you proved, the more you will be known in your industry. I think it is that simple.

By writing this blog post, my hope is that you now see Coboud and myself as a leader in the marketing field and we can help your agency or business implement and dominate inbound marketing. Also, I hope you find my subtle humor funny and/or entertaining. I mean we need to have fun around here.

Use your blog to promote thought leadership. This is something that the PR dudes are really good at. Public image is in the wheelhouse of any PR related strategy. Blogging should give you this outward facing, thought leadership perspective your business needs.

Final Thoughts, Should a PR agency blog for their clients?

I called our PR friends to get some additional information and extend my condolences. Heck, they are great people and do a great job. They have become friends through this thing.

We got the low down on the situation and basically, the client did not see the value PR was bringing to the table. We can’t see metrics, data, and revenue coming from PR. They were just not ready to make the investment in a full our PR strategy. Understandable.

We talked more about how PR and inbound marketing go hand in hand and we have even generated some business together with a public inbound relationship. That’s what we call it.

So, can a PR agency blog for their clients. Sure, just make sure to follow the points above and drive measurable results. Again, PR agencies are master writers and promotion champions. The issue comes when you try to take the tactical, technical aspects of blogging there can be a disconnect. The main thing is that your business starts blogging as soon as possible.

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