5 Reasons A Recruiting Blog Helps Your Find Talent

Yes, blogging is important for your business. Did you know that your blog can also be a great asset to your recruiting efforts?

Does your agency, small business, or mid-cap business struggle finding new talent? Sure we all do.

Blogging is an important part of your inbound marketing, but did you know your blog is also a great recruitment tool. Yes, your recruiting blog could be a great source for both new clients and new recruits.

Think of it this way. You are a PR agency. You are creating great content on your blog about PR strategies, PR news, and PR tools. Who else is looking for these topics? You got potential employees and recruits. Blogging for business is essential for gathering new leads, but it might also be the best way to find new recruits.

5 Reasons Blogging for Recruitment Makes Sense

Okay, we all know about inbound marketing and how it can help generate new leads with a cost savings of 67% over traditional marketing. Sure, 89% of companies will use social media to find new recruits. So why should your company blog be any different?

Build Brand Awareness

Do your recruits even know you exist? 81 percent of US consumers find blogs to be a trustworthy sense of information. This is no different for recruiting new hires. You potential candidates what to work for a company that is trustworthy. Use your recruiting blog to build a brand that employees want to work at.

Generate A Recruitment Pipeline

Blogging to Generate A Recruitment Pipeline

We cannot all be Google and receive millions of resumes each year. However, we can start to create a recruitment pipeline that feeds our businesses with highly talented recruits. Use your blog to educate potential candidates about your industry. This will allow the candidates that love your industry to find you. Maybe they are getting ready to graduate from college, your blog will continue to help them through their classes, eventually landing a job at your firm.

Use Your Blog To Educates Your Recruits About Your Company

Company culture is very important to the success of your business. If the company culture and the recruit align, they will be a better employee both short term and long term. Use your blog to share information about your company and the culture within your office. Positive or negative. You are looking for the right fit.

Use Your Blog To Develop A Relationship Before The Interview

The more you recruit knows about your company the better the interview. If you are able to talk industry jargon you as a recruiter will get a better read on the job seeker. Use your blog to have an educational conversation and peek the recruits interest. It will make the interview more productive.

Use Your Blog To Find The Right Candidate

Blogging to Find The Right Candidate

Yes, finding the right employee is important to your recruitment department. The people that are going to read your blog want to know more a topic. For example, your social media marketing agency is looking for a new hire to execute against social media campaigns. Odds are that the person that lands on your blog is going to be interested or wanting to learn more about the topic you are discussing. A new hire that has an interest in your topics, will succeed more than a random person you hired at a job fair.

Recruiting Blog Conclusion

Your blog is going to help you find recruits that are interested in your company, your industry, or want to learn more about a certain topic. These candidates are going to be a better fit than the recruit you found at the job fair because they are actively looking for information, not just the next job. Use your recruiting blog to actively find new recruits.

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