How can an on-demand marketing team launch your small business growth

Scaling your marketing efforts is the next stage of your business success. However, hiring a marketing team can be expensive. An on-demand marketing team could help your business scale your marketing efforts. Small businesses need a strategic marketing partner, an on-demand team might be the solution.

Your business is starting to gain traction. You have less time for business development and marketing. The business is becoming harder and harder to run.

You know that you need to invest time into marketing your business in order to grow, but time is hard to find. You are at a cross-road. Do you hire an internal marketing team, or do you look for an external marketing team?

What if there was another solution? A marketing solution that is scalable and drives results. Introducing the on-demand marketing team.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Will Set Your Course

Marketing starts with direction. You can call this marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, or whatever makes you feel good about your marketing efforts. Marketing requires a plan of execution. This is vital to the success of your marketing.

I am a huge believer that the only way to get results is through marketing execution, but I also know that without setting the course, you are wasting your time and money. An on-demand marketing team will help set the course for your marketing success.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Are Scalable

To get the most bang for your marketing dollar, you need a marketing team. This marketing team consists of a marketing manager, graphic designer, and copywriter. Reality is that a good marketing team is going to cost your business $185,000 or more per year.

Your marketing needs may not require this much investment. This is where an on-demand marketing team will shine. Depending on your marketing plan, your business can scale your marketing month to month in order to get the marketing execution needed. You can start small and increase based on the projects and campaigns your business has in the works.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Have a Process

On-Demand Marketing Teams Have a Process

In my experience, the marketing process is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. How you take your marketing ideas to execution is the only way to move the ball down the field.

Creating a process to get these ideas into execution takes a well-oiled machine and someone with marketing operations experience. The great thing about an on-demand marketing team is the operational aspect of marketing is in place.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Have Experience

When you are new to marketing you try pretty much everything under the sun to get ahead. Email marketing, social media, public relations, blogging for business, the list goes on. These are all great tactics but knowing what is going to drive the most bang for your buck is important.

Your on-demand marketing team has years of experience under their belt. Even better if you can find an on-demand marketing team that continues to test and monitors new aspects of marketing, you are going to be able to jump in and see results faster. Just remember, marketing takes time to pay off, so patience is key.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Are More Than A Jack-of-all-trades

In a conversation the other day with a potential client, the analogy was easy. I am an A marketing manager, D graphic designer, and C+ copywriter. However, my team consists of an A marketing manager, A+ graphic designer, and an A+ copywriter (yes, I am the weakest link here and I am okay with that).

The point here is that you want better results and in order to get these results you need more than one person. Your marketing team will understand how to push your business forward. One person can do it, but they are only as good as their skill set across the board.

On-Demand Marketing Teams Will Measure & Analyze Your Results

On-Demand Marketing Teams Will Measure & Analyze Your Results

Marketing is becoming more and more about the data. If you are not measuring your marketing results you are not getting the best outcome. Trusting your gut is only as good as the results your marketing produces.

An on-demand marketing team is going to measure, test, and analyze all the aspects of your marketing. From Facebook advertising to landing page conversion, an on-demand marketing team is going to measure and analyze your marketing performance.


It is time to start thinking about how you are going to scale your marketing efforts. Are you going to make the internal hire or are you going to hire an on-demand marketing team for assistance in marketing? Start by understanding your needs and how marketing is going to help you meet these needs. Ensure that your company is aligned, before moving forward with your marketing solution.

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