Marketing Takes A Team, Not Just Jack

To get the best results from your marketing efforts, it really takes a team of highly skilled individuals.

We have all heard of Jack. Maybe we know Jack. Maybe you are Jack. He is the guy that thinks he can do everything. Many times, he is right. He can do everything from strategy to execution.

We also know that he is not the master of any one thing. Jack gets things done, they look okay, and they function. Yes, there is a misspelling here and there, the image looks more stock than custom, and the copy on your website gets the job done.

Jack is a great guy, but he needs help. He needs to be able to focus on what he is really good at. This focus helps him get better results and increases his efficiency. Jack needs to be part of a marketing team that is going to get results, not just get the job done.

Your company deserves results, not just getting the job done.

5 Reasons Marketing Takes A Team

Marketing is vital to the success of your company. However, many companies leave this major responsibility to just one person. Great marketing is going to take a team of creative thinkers to get the job done, right.

Let’s look at a couple reasons why your marketing should be executed by a team, not a superstar individual. If they even exist.

Marketing Takes Ideation

Let me know if this sounds like you? You are taking a shower and have a great new idea for your business. You dry off, get dressed, and run to find your significant other. As you tell your significant other all about your great idea, you get the feeling that they are listening because they love you, not because they care about your idea.

That is right, marketing ideation sucks when you are alone, trust me. Over the years I have learned that the best marketing campaigns are the campaigns that are built with a team. The ability to bounce ideas off each other builds a better bridge to the customer. Increasing the likelihood that the marketing drives results.

Marketing teams come up with a better conclusion and better ideas that the jack-of-all-trades marketer working out of their basement. Sorry, dude but it is the truth.

Marketing takes creativity and execution

Over the years marketing has changed. In the past, marketing was about crafting a strong message and putting together a great looking ad. These ads would be placed in magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. This took an artsy fartsy person (graphic designer, sorry if I offended you) and a headline writer.

Today, these creatives, graphic designer, and copywriters are still needed to craft an engaging message. The difference is now you also need a marketing manager that understands how to use multiple technology platforms, search engines, social media, HTML code, and can run some SQL code to grab data if needed. Oh yeah, they also need to know what to do with this “data”.

What good are great headlines and engaging graphics if you can’t place it on your website or update your Facebook page? It takes a village to execute a marketing campaign.

Marketing takes a holistic approach

Marketing takes a holistic approach

Marketing cannot be done in a silo. The entire organization needs to be onboard for marketing to work. This means that marketing is going to be touching more than just the one department. As marketing starts to gain external traction, the sales team is going to want new sales sheets and PowerPoint presentations. The marketing team needs to ensure that message and graphics are on brand before the customer sees them.

Marketing should never be done in a silo. This is a surefire way to waste time and money on your marketing efforts. Your marketing team should look at all external messaging from sales to board members. One person is not going to be able to handle this, a team will make you look like a star.

Marketing takes industry knowledge

After graduate school, I jumped into marketing with both feet. I have now been working in the industry for the last 10 years and there is one thing that I have come to realize. There are 3 very distinct groups of marketers. One group that is creative and makes things beautiful. Another group of writers that craft engaging messages. There is a final group that understands the customer’s wants, needs, and the tactics to reach them.

Marketing teams pull these three skillsets together to create a marketing campaign that incorporates graphics, messages, and tactics to get the job done. The knowledge and skill set of the team are going to get the results your business is looking for.

Marketing takes time

The term marketing seems to be changing. However, marketing is still the art of creating and communicating your company’s offerings that provide value to the end customer. This process of creating and communicating your message takes time and testing to perfect.

For example, CoBound is a company that provides on-demand marketing teams for companies that are getting started in the marketing journey. Your company might be looking to do some marketing in the next 6-months, but not ready to pull the trigger just yet. We get it. However, this blog post was designed to let you know we are here to help you along the way.

The term in our industry is to flip the switch or pull the right lever. The problem is flipping the switch or pulling the lever can be more like generating power from solar during the day and storing it for when lights are actually needed.

Marketing takes a team, not an individual

I believe that the reason many marketing agencies get fired is that they are stretching themselves too thin. They are trying to do everything as a solo crew. This is just not smart.

The jack-of-all-trades master of none is a true statement, especially in marketing. Having three experts in their verticals (graphics, message, and execution) is going to produce the best results.

If you are looking to start marketing, ensure that you have a team of individuals that are going to work toward a common goal. We believe that a holistic marketing approach is going to drive the results you are looking for. This means that the entire organization is onboard moving marketing forward, not just one lonely soul.

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