Marketing Automation Software and Trade Show Efficiency

Marketing automation software is the key to making your next trade show successful and improve your efficiency. This will help your overall marketing plan. 

The last trade show I attended was in fabulous Las Vegas. It was attended by nearly 5,000 marketing and business professionals. Yes, it was a pretty small trade show. I was also surprised by the endless rows of exhibitor booths. Everything from print to digital was represented. Some good products and some not so good.

This had me thinking about the effectiveness of trade shows and why more companies are not using marketing automation software to increase the trade show efficiency. I was surprised at how many companies just had a booth set up and invited people in for a free drink.

Once I got home, I was even more surprised about the lack of follow up I received from the booth exhibitors. I figured I would be getting phone calls and emails for months. However, the communication was pretty silent.

So how does your company use marketing automation software to increase the efficiency of your next trade show?

Marketing Automation Software To Improve Your Next Trade Show

One of the biggest complaints I have heard after a trade show is the amount of time it takes to follow up with the leads created. I do not think this should be a huge sticking point for most companies because marketing automation software can take care of most of it for you.

Have A Plan

I am sure you have a plan for every trade show. Generate as many leads as possible, right? Well, this may be the ultimate goal, but a solid plan is needed in order to achieve this goal.

The plan we are talking about is what are you going to do with all these leads? How are you going to follow up with them? What valuable offer are you going to give your new leads? How are you going to convert these leads into customers?

The plan needs to revolve around your marketing automation software. This way you can follow up with all the leads, not just a few leads.

Be Active In The Trade Show

Okay, your plan and marketing automation are in place. It is now time to get those leads. One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of the trade show is to be a speaker or presenter. This will help drive awareness to your company and help your company be seen as an industry leader. Get active in the trade show to increase your exposure and build your brand.

Set Up Your Marketing Automation Campaign

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and to automate repetitive tasks.

Let your marketing automation software segment your marketing audience and new leads. Based off the behavior your new leads take from your first follow up email, you can segment the audience to help nurture your these new leads.

Start by segmenting your audience on these three behaviors:

  • Lead opened your email. Interested but not quite ready. Continue to send valuable information.
  • Lead clicked a link. This is where your plan comes into place. You can have multiple links that segment your audience even further by industry or other demographic your company finds interesting.
  • The email bounced – this will help keep your database clean, get them out of here.

Set up your marketing automation campaigns to segment your audience and continue to add value to the potential lead. Make sure that this is done before you jump on the plane. It is too late to set up the campaign after you get home because the lead is already researching your company online.

Score Your Leads

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. The resulting score is used to determine the right time to engage and contact these potential leads.

Scoring your leads is going to give your sales team valuable information about how interested the potential lead is in your product or services. If the lead visits your pricing page, there is a good chance that they are getting close to making a purchase. This is great information for your sales team.

Measure Your Results

There is only one way to tell if the trade show was worth the time and money. That is to track the revenue produced from the trade show. Your marketing automation software will be able to contribute your revenue back to the trade show even if the customer closes months down the road. This will help you determine if your should attend the show again next year.

Marketing Automation Software To Improve Your Trade Show

There are tons of benefits of marketing automation. Marketing automation software is vital to the success to your next trade show. From nurturing your leads to closing sales, your next trade show can be a huge success by using marketing automation software.

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