Inbound marketing works because it is the only marketing methodology that takes your potential buyer through the entire buyer’s journey.

Inbound marketing starts by attracting new customers to your website, delivers highly motivated buyers to your sales team, and delights your customers with value-based content.

Inbound marketing is effective because it leverages personalized content and messages, delivered at the right time. This method aligns your website and marketing messages with your ideal customer (customer persona), delivering a marketing message that your end user actually wants.

Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing the Cost

Based on research, inbound marketing delivers leads to your business at a lower cost of acquisition than any other marketing tactic. The cost of acquisition from inbound marketing lead can be as much as 60% less than a lead generated from traditional marketing methods.


  • Inbound
  • Traditional

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a long-term investment in your business and many times is a change in your marketing mentality. This is why we set up every inbound marketing engagement to win.

Before we create any content, social media posts, or do any research we sit down with your business and conduct an inbound marketing on-boarding workshop. Our goal is to create the pre-launch game plan for your success.

Benefits of Holistic Marketing

CoBound Pre-Launch Workshop Objectives:

  1. Determine if inbound marketing is right for your business
  2. Develop your customer persona (target market)
  3. Determine what success looks like to your company
  4. Set key performance indicators to track success

Inbound marketing continues to change, as your inbound marketing co-pilot we want to ensure that you are set up for success. Our goals is to land on Mars, our pre-launch workshop established the blueprints to get there.

Inbound Plans Include


Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Promotion

Sales Funnel

Content Offer Creation

Landing Page Development

Social Media Advertising

Platform & CRM

Inbound Marketing Investment

$2,000 /mo


  • 4 blogs per month (1,000 words each)
  • Strategy and review monthly
  • Search engine optimization – 25 keywords
  • Facebook & Twitter promotion
  • Offer creation every 6-months
  • Sales funnel creation every 6-months
  • Call-to-action creation every 6-months
  • Conversion page creation every 6-months
  • $150 social media advertising budget
  • Platform & CRM up to 10,000 contacts



$3,500 /mo

Take Off

  • 8 blogs per month (1,000 words each)
  • Strategy and review monthly
  • Search engine optimization – 50 keywords
  • Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn promotion
  • Offer creation every quarter
  • Sales funnel creation every quarter
  • Call-to-action creation every quarter
  • Conversion page creation every quarter
  • $250 social media advertising budget
  • Platform & CRM up to 25,000 contacts



$5,500 /mo


  • 12 blogs per month (1,000 words each)
  • Strategy and review bi-weekly
  • Search engine optimization – 100 keywords
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram promotion
  • Offer creation every month
  • Sales funnel creation every 2 months
  • Call-to-action creation every 2 months
  • Conversion page creation every 2 months
  • $500 social media advertising budget
  • Platform & CRM up to 100,000 contacts