How To Use WordPress To Attract Customers

Here is how to use WordPress to attract customers. WordPress gives you the tools to generate more traffic and generate more leads.

I know what you are thinking. Blogging and WordPress are for Hipsters. I know the vision of that 29 year old dude that is still living in their parents basement blogging about action figures is what sticks in your mind. This is not the reality anymore, that dude was just ahead of his time.

I am going to tell you that blogging and WordPress give your website a purpose. So the next time you are thinking about blogging, in the famous word of Shia Labeouf,  “just do it “. – Side note, who remembers this amazing clip? One of my favorites.


So what is your blogging weapon of choice? Personally, my blogging weapon of choice it is WordPress because of the ease of use and ability to customize. In order to get the very most out of your WordPress website there are a couple items that you can do to generate more customers and turn your WordPress blog into your marketing ninja stars or your marketing hub. Let’s take a look at a couple things you should be doing now. “JUST DO IT.”

Blog Daily

In order to drive traffic to your site you have to blog. Blogging for your business is the best way to generate more web traffic and ultimately generate more leads. Blogging daily will help you keep in the groove of creating content and content is King in the online world. Now just because you are blogging daily does not mean you have to use everything you write. You just need to create a habit that keeps fresh content flowing and the great stuff will rise to the top.

I find that the best time to blog is in the morning after a good run. While I am running, I usually listen to a podcast and this helps me formulate new ideas. I then get my coffee and sit down in front of my computer and type away. Some days I work on new content, other days I am working on finishing old blog posts, or planning out my next topics. My goal is to get something in the computer or in my handy dandy notebook every day. Make it a habit and it will become easier.

Make Sure To Blog For SEO

You are putting all this effort into your blog, you are waking up before the kids to make sure you get your blog posts done. You want people to see your work, right? So it is important to know what keywords you are targeting to get the maximum reach out of every blog post. There are a couple places you are going to want to include your keywords to reach the most people. I have placed the keywords for this blog post in bold. (WordPress To Attract Customers).

  1. Your Title – The main headline of your blog post “How To Use WordPress To Attract Customers.”
  2. Your Meta Description – “Here is how to use WordPress to Attract customers. WordPress gives you the tools to generate more traffic and generate more leads.”
  3. Your Image Alt text – “Use WordPress To Attract Customers
  4. Your Content – don’t over do it on the content. use your keyword 5-6 times to make sure you do not over optimize your blog post. Placed throughout the post.

Publish Quality Content

They say quality over quantity and I believe this is going to be your best bet. Give your readers your best effort every time you blog. The majority of top ranking blog post are over 2,000 words. This does not mean that 2,000 words should be your minimum because I also believe that adding video, images, and audio will produce higher quality blog posts that your readers enjoy. When you are blogging make sure to blog for your readers, make sure to answer their questions and they will come back and share your content on social media, helping you outrank your competition. Keep your end user in mind and create quality content for them.

Guest Blog

I know what you are asking, “you want me to blog more?” Yes, if you are serious about blogging for business, then expand your reach and do some guest blogging. The best part about guest blogging is you are able to deliver your message to another audience besides your own. This is a great way to get your name out there and increase your blog subscribers. Deliver quality content to a new audience that goes beyond the quality of your normal blog and start to build new relationships.

Build Your Email List

The best sales tool you own besides yourself is your email list, so make sure to ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog. This will give you a chance to convert your website visitors to customers. Using tools like marketing automation will turn your WordPress blog into a revenue-generating machine. Create a strong call to action and great offer to entice your new visitors to join your email list. You can also use tools like SumoMe (more later) to help grow your email list.

Best PlugIns To Attract More Customers

WordPress Plugin

The great thing about WordPress is the ability to customize your site and blog with 3rd party extensions called plugins. From search engine optimization to social sharing there is a plugin for just about everything. Here is a list of some of my favorites that I use daily.


SEO for your blog is a huge deal. If you are not taking advantage of organic search you are losing web traffic and potential customers. Yoast is a great tool that gives you an easy to use checklist to ensure that you are including all the necessary SEO elements in your blog post. Use Yoast to make SEO easy.


Initially, I was attracted to SumoMe because of the ability to add a pop-up to collect emails, but this plugin has so much more to offer. This one plugin has become my go to plugin because it can be used in so many different, useful ways. One plugin to do multiple things. It just works.

List Builder

List builder is the pop-up email subscription item I was talking about earlier. This portion of SumoMe collects email addresses and drops them right into my email list. There are tons of options to choose from and you can customize this pop-up to generate lifelong email subscribers. The list builder is a great pop-up that works with any WordPress site.


We all want our blog content to be shared on social media. Share give you a share button on the side of your blog, on the top, or bottom, just about anywhere. It looks great on mobile and gives you tons of social media networks to include such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Generate more traffic by letting your visitors easily share your content on social media.

Scroll Box

Scroll box is a great way to deliver your call to action and deliver your offer. As you scroll down the blog post a slider comes from the side of your choice and delivers your message. This is a great tool to deliver your call to action in a less intrusive way than a pop-up and get similar results.

Smart bar

I just stumbled upon this portion of SumoMe. The Smart Bar will sit at the top of your site reminding visitors to sign up for your email list. If you are familiar with Hello Bar, it is very similar. Besides the share plugin Smart Bar has become my favorite part of SumoMe because it is very subtle and it produces great results. I have increased my email sign up by nearly 5% since installing Smart Bar.

Heat Maps

Have you ever wondered where visitors are engaging on your website? Heat Maps will give you insights into what and where visitors are clicking. This information has helped me improve the sidebar and increase my call to action click through by nearly 10%. In addition, Heat Maps has helped me increase my email list conversion rate by nearly 2x. Heat Map is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their engagement on their site.

Content Analysis

Do you wonder if your visitors are reading your blog all the way through? Well guess no longer. Content Analysis will help you find the right post length and help you determine where your call to action should be place on your blog post. This is the tool for the blogger that is trying to determine the right length for their blog posts.

As you can see, SumoMe is a go to plugin that packs a whole lot of “Punch” (pun intended). If you blog, I would highly suggest installing the SumoMe app to get more out of your blog. SumoMe works together to get more from your blog. From sharing on social media to analyzing your content, it just works.

Google Analytics

This is not even an option. You blog and website need to have Google Analytics installed. There are no exceptions on this. Google Analytics is going to show you where your traffic is coming from, how users are behaving on your website, and give you a whole lot of other data. Whenever I set up a website, this is the very first thing that is added.

If you are having a website built, make sure your designer adds Google Analytics to the build.

Your Turn To Use WordPress To Attract More Customers

Attracting customers with WordPress is a great way to generate more leads and revenue. We know that blogging is important to your business. WordPress is your tool to generate more customers and give your inbound marketing a kick start. So start your blog today and start to generate more customers. Your business will thank you.

Question: Are there any WordPress plugins that you could not live without? Leave a comment below.

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