How Much Should You Pay for Your Website

I know, the cost of a website can be outrageous. What is the true cost of a website? How much should you pay for your website? Let's find out.

Today while chatting with a contractor at Daily Coffee, I was asked about the price for a website. This contractor was already working with a designer and was about to complete and launch his new web presence.

His question was simple, “How much should I pay for a new website?”

Well, this is a loaded question because there are so many variables that go into a website build. So, I broke down three levels of website design and build. I think as a new business owner you want to know how this plays out. More importantly, are you getting taken advantage of?

Here are the 3 buckets of website design and the approximate cost you should expect to pay.

The Cost of an Entry Level Website

Cost: $500 – $999

The first bucket of website design is the entry level website. This website is for the new business that is strapped for cash (I know, all of us). The entry-level website is most likely going to be built on something like a SquareSpace, Weebly, or Wix to allow the designer to complete the project quickly.

The entry-level website is going to be very templatized, full of stock photography, and lack any real bells or whistles like social media integration or a blog.

Will this website work for your business? Yes and no. If you are looking for a web presence and nothing more. Then this is probably for you. So, yes it will work.

If you are looking to drive traffic and revenue from your site, it might not be the right solution for you. The ability to drive traffic to your site depends on so many different variables and an entry level website is probably not going to be for you.

The Cost of a Standard Website

Cost: $2,000 – $6,500

Most businesses are going to fall into the standard website category. This website is going to be more custom. Yes, the designer might use a template to speed up the production, but the images will be professional and probably not from a stock photo library. If there is a stock photo used, it will be high quality and unique.

A standard website is not going to look like anything else on the market. It will give your brand a unique, differentiated look. A standard website might also include some copy and custom messaging to increase conversion.

A standard website is going to be built on something like WordPress to give you more flexibility and the introduction of a CMS for blogging and SEO.

Again, this website is probably not going to be optimized for search engines, but it will be set up for your SEO or marketing team to dive in and get things done.

The price of a standard website is going to depend on the number of pages needed. The more pages you need the higher the price. Makes sense, there is more work needed.

The Cost of a Premium Website

Cost: $7,500 and up

Okay, big spender. A premium website is going to be 100% custom. It might be developed on WordPress or completely custom coded. This is going to depend on the customer needs.

A premium website could also include an eCommerce solution or integration into a CRM or software application.

A premium website is going to be a website that makes your business money. You should be able to see a return on your investment from this website because it should be completely optimized for search engines and include any payment gateways that your business uses.

This website will have all the bells and whistles.

How Much Should You Pay for Your Website?

During the conversation, the contractor told me he had paid $2,500 for his website to be created. He did have the company come out and take some pictures of some jobs and pictures of his leadership team. The website was built on WordPress with 10 pages.

He got a decent value for the website build, according to his specifications. I did not see the final website.

There are tons of variables that go into a website build. I hope this helps you understand a little more about the cost associated with a new website. Mostly, I hope it keeps you from getting taken advantage of.

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