Easy SEO Tricks To Improve Your Website Traffic

Does your website need more traffic? Here are 12 easy SEO tricks to drive more traffic to your website and increasing your small business revenue.

Do You Want A Ranking Website? Use These 12 Easy SEO Tricks To Rank Higher

You are starting to figure out that your website is a billboard in the forest. You have this great looking website that is being seen by only you, your mother, and every now and then, your significant other.

The problem is that you are not driving traffic to your website. Sure, that web developer told you that you would start seeing more traffic because they wanted to seal the deal. Months later you are still out networking, cold calling, and hoping your investment starts to pay off.

Your website needs more than just a pretty new face, it needs a kick in the butt. It needs to start driving traffic and generating leads. Your website needs to turn into that 24/7 sales person your developer promised. If you build it they will come, with a little help from search engine optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

First, let’s take a look at search engine optimization.Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Second. let’s talk about what search engine optimization is not. It is not a once and done thing. Search engine optimization is not something that just happens, it is a process that takes time to develop. It takes research, execution, and refinement. If you expect to solve all your Search engine optimization needs in one project, you are mistaken.

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that will drive more web traffic to your site and continue to produce positive ROI over time. It is not an overnight success tactic.

Here are 12 easy SEO tricks to rank higher in the search engines

SEO (search engine optimization) sounds great, right? So how do you start to produce more traffic to your website? Let’s look at 12 east SEO tricks that will help you rank higher in the search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

Start With A CMS

What is a CMS? A CMS is a content management system and allows you to manage the content on your website without the need of a developer. There are tons of CMS solutions out there, but WordPress is top dog. WordPress powers over 25% of all websites because it is easy to use and super robust. Your website should start and end with a powerful CMS solution.

Local Search

If you are like most businesses out there, you need local customers before you even think about going national. Local search will help you focus on your zip code, city, and state. More and more internet users are looking for local solutions. Your SEO should focus on these local solutions. Focusing on local search will help your customers find you.

Blogging For Business Starts With A Strategy

I cannot stress this enough. Marketing should start with a strategy. Your marketing strategy should help guide you like a Sherpa in the mountains. Blogging for business is no different. Before you blog get to know your audience, what you are going to write about, and determine why anyone should listen to you. Blogging for business must start with a solid strategy.

Track Your Search Engine Optimization Results

Do you know how many impression, click, or ranking pages your website is producing? I thought you would say that. Knowing where your search engine optimization stands and how you are moving up in the search engines will help determine what is working. Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools is a great way to get an inside look at your search engine optimization effectiveness.

Content Is King, Context Is Queen

According to studies, your company needs to blog 16 times per month in order to receive 3 times the leads. Well, I will be the first one to tell you that this is hard. Most of us are going to be lucky to find time to blog once a month. Well, the context of your blog can be just as important. If you blog about the right topics and convert from your blog, then you are accomplishing your goals. Remember, the context of your content is vital to your search engine optimization strategy.

Internal Links Drive Rankings

This is one of the most important and easy tips on the list. Remember to include internal links to your website. Internal links are links that link to other pages on your website or other blog posts. There are three main reasons to include internal links on your website.

  • Easy navigation of your website
  • Establish the information hierarchy of your website
  • The share linking power throughout your website.

Write Daily

Wiring might not be your thing. Blogging for business might sound like something your nephew does in the basement instead of having a real job. Well, I am pretty sure that the internet is not going anywhere and you need to embrace this new found technology. Get in the habit of writing for your blog every day, now this does not mean you need to publish an article every day, just write something. The more you write, the better you get.

Focus On 1 Keyword Per Page/Post

Here are some SEO basics. There are other SEO firms out there that will stuff every potential keyword into a blog post or web page. Well, this does not work and actually hurts your ability to rank (probably the tactics your web developer told you about). Focus on one keyword, one phrase, or one customer question. This will allow you to include this keyword or key phrase in the title, headings, copy, images names, and meta descriptions. Yes, I know I just threw a lot at you. Sorry. The point here is focusing on one thing, you cannot beat the system.

Remember Social Media?

social media is important for search engine optimization

Yes, I know reach is down through social media. Facebook is allowed to make money and make you pay for ads. The good news is that social media shares and posts still matter in search engine optimization. So make sure to stay social, share your content, and increase your rankings. Social media is important to your overall marketing strategy as well.

Video Marketing Is A Must

Yes, they say video marketing is the wave of the future. Well, these “people” are right. It is time to get on the camera and start to produce some video. I am sure that you have heard the success stories on YouTube. I would not expect that to happen, but there is a link from YouTube content to your search engine rankings. So get on camera start rolling.

Develop A Data-Driven Website

A data-driven website is a website that can easily be updated by the managers of the website. The website is created to display new content to users and customers based on the data analyzed. It is different than a static website that is only updated once. A data-driven website will continue to be updated as new information and data are provided. A data-driven website will help you make a better decision about your search engine optimization.

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Email marketing has a 4600% return on investment. Not bad! In today’s age, email marketing is about creating personalized, behavior-based email messages. Introducing, marketing automation. Marketing automation will help you nurture your leads by automating tasks that you normally forget about. In order to really drive revenue from your SEO, marketing automation is a must. SEO drive leads marketing automation drive conversion.


If nobody sees your website, does it even exist? Search engine optimization is a great small business marketing idea.

Search engine optimization is very difficult. Yes, you heard it here first. However, you can make a huge dent in the way your business ranks in the search engines with nothing more than your hard work. Heck, you are a business owner and hard work does not scare you. This is an ongoing process that will take time to get going. However, if you keep at it, your business will reap the rewards, gain more customer, and revenue.

With a great SEO strategy, blogging for business, and hard work you are going to start seeing results. Don’t get frustrated and keep with it. Your website is your most valuable marketing asset, so make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

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