10 Steps to Create A Killer Calling Campaign

A calling campaign can be the final step in closing the deal from your marketing. However, creating a calling campaign can be difficult. Here are 10 steps to creating the calling campaign that will produce results.

Your marketing efforts are starting to pay off and your marketing database is growing. Whether it is from your last trade show or your inbound marketing efforts, you are generating new leads and your company is growing.

The problem is that is your sales staff does not have enough time to develop new opportunities and follow up on the opportunities created by marketing. So, sales start to slip through the cracks.

The simple solution here is to create a calling campaign that is going to close deals and generate revenue. Here are 10 ways to get more out of your next calling campaign.

  1. Make Sure to Use A CRM

The first step in creating a killer calling campaign is to start with a CRM or marketing command center. Your CRM is the piece of software that is going to hold all your leads. This piece of software will give you the ability to continue to keep your leads organized. Further, your CRM will give your sales staff the ability to know what has been talked about on previous sales calls and interactions. Your CRM is going to be the backbone of your calling campaign.

  1. Determine What Success Looks Like

Do you know what success looks like? To ensure that your calling campaign is successful, it is important to set clear KPI’s (key performance indicators) for your outbound calling campaign. Setting these calling campaign goals will allow you to determine success and take away learning for your next calling campaign.

  1. Get to Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

In order to make the most of your calling campaign, you need to know where your leads are coming from. Did the lead come from the website, social media marketing, trade show, direct mail, or another source? The source of the lead will give you the information needed to close the deal.

  1. Segment Your Leads

Marketing segmentation is the act of placing similar users or customers into smaller buckets. Marketing segmentation can help you identify the pain points of your potential customers. This valuable information will guide your conversation and generate the right message to close more deals.

  1. Score Your Leads

Do you know how likely your leads are to close? This is where lead scoring comes into play. Lead scoring places a point-based scoring system to the behaviors of your potential leads. The higher the score, the more interested they are in your products or services and the more likely they are to close. Lead scoring will help you identify the right people for your calling campaign.

  1. Only Call Opt-In Leads

Pros & Cons of Buying An Email List

This is going to be a personal bias here because I know that this practice is still alive and well. It is my personal opinion that you should never purchase leads or email list. First, these lists are a great way to damage your brand. Second, the likelihood that leads to a purchased list is going to close is minimal. Make sure that the leads in your calling campaign opted-in to receive your marketing message.

My PSA for the day = NEVER BUY LEADS

  1. Build A Sales Script to Close

Okay, up to this point we have been talking about the preparation of your calling campaign. Scoring leads, using killer software, segmenting your leads, and only contacting those leads that want your marketing message. It is time to create the right message for to close your leads.

Build a sales script that is going to connect and engage your leads. Create a sales script for each segmentation point and dive deep into their wants and needs. Your script is going to make or break your calling campaign.

  1. Test Your Sales Script

One script is great, multiple scripts are better. Testing your sales message is going to let you know what works and what does not work. Make sure to track your results from each sales script you create. Track your results and create a better more powerful sales message for the future.

  1. Use More Than One Method

The calling campaign is going to be best served as a multi-touch follow-up. For this reason, make sure that you are using more than one method for follow-up. This means that calling, email, and even a personal letter or note can help you close more deals. Having more than one method in your calling campaign will help you connect with the prospect in a method they prefer.

  1. Ask for A Referral When Appropriate

Referrals are very valuable. When the time is right, ask the prospect if they know of any other businesses that could use your product or services. This might be as part of a follow-up calling campaign to current customers but asking for referrals is going to fill your sales pipeline for your next calling campaign.

Calling Campaign Conclusion

According to the internet, a calling campaign might be old school. However, a well-thought-out calling campaign will generate the results your business is looking for. A calling campaign is going to ensure that you are following up with the right prospects at the right time. This is going to generate better returns on your marketing investment.

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