Before starting CoBound, we both owned our successful marketing agencies. Steve focused on inbound marketing, while Brandon focused on website development and graphic design. In 2016, we met while contracting for a local marketing agency. There was a Ying and a Yang.

While working together we built a strong relationship and a passion for helping businesses of all sizes grow. After talking to hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners we identified a problem. There are many great marketing agencies, but unfortunately, there are less than stellar agencies out there. Many business owners had been taken advantage. From high fees to lack of execution, there was a perception about marketing that was not true, marketing does not work.

Our goal became clear. Let’s help entrepreneurs and small businesses find the right marketing solutions to grow their business. This means building a strong verified network of marketing professionals and marketing technology providers. If we can help find the right marketing solution for your business, we know you will be set up for success.

We decided to create CoBound.

Co (mutual) + Bound (leaping movement forward)

Our Mission:

Help 5,000 small business find the right marketing solution to double their sales.

We know how hard it can be to double your sales. We also know that in order to double your sales you need the right marketing solutions. From the right marketing platforms to the right marketing partners, it is our goal to help 5,000 small business find the marketing solutions for growth.


Most marketing professionals believe marketing is subjective. We believe that is true, but we also believe that subjectivity only takes you so far. Data and results will help you accomplish your goals.


We are only as good as the people we place around us. Our approach is to partner with those we serve and share common goals. We focus on short-term wins but look to the greater longer lasting results.


We are never above you, you are never below us. We work side by side with our partners. We know that the relationships we create are the most valuable assets we create. We do this together.


When you are having fun, your get more done. This is why we believe in having a good time while working our butts off. We hope that our passion for business will fuel the growth of your company.

Is it time to find a marketing partner that will drive results for your business? Let us help you find the right marketing wingman for your business. We have an expansive network of marketing professionals that can help drive the results your business is looking for.