Instagram has become the social media platform that I spend the most time on. I feel Instagram offers the easiest and most engaging platform out there. Yes, I may be a little late to the game, but it is time to put effort into growing a follower base.

Goal = 20,000 Instagram Followers

The Plan

Growing an Instagram following is not hard if you decide to purchase likes, advertise, and use tools that auto-follow or comment on posts. My goal is not to use any of these tactics because I feel as if they are not going to build the following I am looking for.

My plan of attack is simple. I am going to post different types of content a few times per day, comment on posts from industry leaders, and engage with anyone that is willing. I am also going to be learning more about Instagram marketing and will adjust the plan as needed.

Here are the details of the plan.

Content Types:

There are plenty of accounts out there that are just posting to post. I believe that if you are going to build a following, you need to add value and not just repeat what other accounts are saying.

I plan on using different types of content that will drive conversation, engagement, and build a following that actually cares.

  • Microblog – I am going to take longer forms of content (blogs and articles) and break them up into smaller, bite-sized portions.
  • Quotes and statistics – We all love a good quote or statistic. Each time I come across something that is important to me, I will create graphics and share them. I will also place my spin on the post, adding my 2 cents. Hope you like it.
  • A day in the life – This is going to be the hardest part of the process. I am going to make it an effort to share what I am doing throughout the day and share my experiences. We all have lessons we learn every day and my goal is to share mine with you.

Comment on posts from industry leaders:

Social media is about more than just posting. Social media is about building relationships. In order to engage with more people, you have to put in the work. I plan using Instagram to find valuable content and add my opinion, experience, or knowledge to the conversation. 

I plan on commenting on other posts using the following strategy:

  • Identify key hashtags that my ideal follower is going to follow.
  • Find recent posts from industry leaders that fit the hashtag research. Mostly likely through post notifications to get a head start.
  • Comment on 50 posts per day with thoughtful, engaging comments.

The strategy is pretty simple, but I expect it to be very powerful. My hope is that I will be able to jump into conversations, share some of my experiences, and gain traction.

Engage with anyone willing:

The final step of the Instagram Growth Challenge is to simply engage with people. Seems easy right? If I receive a comment or direct message or any sort (even spam), I am going to engage. I mean social media is all about being social.

I will also say that it is the hardest to do as your account grows. The more comments, the more time it takes. However, you want people to know you care and that you are listening. This is the most important piece of the Instagram Growth Challenge.

There you have it, my plan to grow my personal Instagram account. Over time I will blog about my experiences and track the results. At the time of posting this, I have 95 followers on Instagram. Let the challenge begin. 

Instagram Challenge Progress

  • May 15th 2019