5 Benefits of Holistic Marketing

What are the benefits of holistic marketing for your business?

John, your top sales agent comes to you and says, “The leads we are getting from marketing are worthless.” You have to agree, your marketing team does not understand the sales team. As a business owner you dig further and find that your sales team does not understand your product development team, your sales team does not understand your marketing team, and you have gaps all over your company. So how can you gain alignment and increase efficiency across the board?

Holistic Marketing is when a business looks at all the marketing channels available as a system, not as individual entities or departments. This includes common goals and resources across your marketing department, sales department, and even product development. This type of marketing continues to gain in popularity because of the benefits a holistic machine can provide. There are many benefits to a holistic plan that will increase your company ROI. Let’s look at 5 benefits of holistic marketing.

  1. Attract New Business

The main reason we market our business is to generate leads and develop new business. A holistic marketing plan is no different. Using all your marketing channels as one will help attract new business and generate new leads. It will help attract new visitors to our company, turn these visitors into leads, convert these leads to customers, and turn your customers into brand advocates.

  1. Focus

Does your company have a problem with focus? One month the focus is on social media, the next month the focus is on email marketing, and the next month your focus is on the next big shiny object. A holistic marketing concept brings all your company’s efforts into one functional plan, helping your company keep focus and move forward together.

  1. Efficiency

When your marketing department aligns with goals and resources available your company can work more efficiently. No more bartering between departments for resources, no more planning meetings to discuss resources, your company knows where the resources are going.

  1. Alignment

A holistic marketing approach will have your marketing, sales, and business development all working together for the best available outcome for your company. When your company aligns on common goals and a common vision all aspects, not just marketing, begin to work in harmony. A company that is aligned gets more done.

  1. Your Company Uses Resources Smarter

If your company has a routine of going over budget and using too many resources, a holistic plan can help. All the members of your marketing team know your budget and expected results. This will help to use your marketing resources smarter with little to no waste by aligning all departments and reducing unnecessary spending.

Know Your Customer

One of the most important aspects of your marketing plan is to know your customer personas. A customer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. To create a holistic marketing plan, you have to know your primary persona; this is the ideal customer that creates the most revenue.

Once you know your primary persona your company can create marketing for this ideal customer. Knowing your customer will help shape your holistic plan and create the most efficient possible outcome because you will know the customer you are creating marketing for.


Now your sales, marketing, and product development teams are all on the same page. You are creating “synergy” (yes a loved buzzword). Give it time and you will see higher returns on your efforts and a happier working environment – the most important benefit. I saved the very best for last.

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