The Barebones Marketing Team that Will Deliver Results

Assembling a top-tier marketing team can be very difficult.

The thought of marketing your business might be a new idea in your organization. So, the thought of hiring a marketing team might seem like a task that is impossible. You know that you are going to need to get multiple tasks done to drive results. Your job ad might look something like this.

We are company X. We are a high-growth company that is looking to take our company to the next level and we are in search of a highly motivated, self-starter that can drive marketing strategy from ideation to execution.

This position will handle the internal marketing and public relations efforts of the company. This newly created position will be responsible for double-digit growth. Travel for the position can be as much as 50% to locations across the US.

The job posting goes on to state that the ideal candidate should possess at least 5 years of marketing management experience, an MBA, proficiency in the Adobe Create Suite, and great personal skills.

Starting salary is $55k per year with benefits after 90 days.

If you are like me, you are asking yourself, ‘who goes to graduate school to learn how to use Photoshop?”

-Not me

The problem with this marketing manager job description is the company is looking for an entire marketing team to get the job done. This jack of all trades does not really exist. Even if they do, your $55k plus benefits per year is not going to cut it.

The company then goes on to hire a solid new recruit that cannot hack it. They understand marketing principles, branding, and PR, but the graphics look like they were created by a 3rd grader. I mean Microsoft Publisher is a great tool, for a kindergarten teacher.

It has been my experience that in order to nail marketing there are 3 key positions needed to execute your marketing plans. The marketing manager, the graphic designer, and the copywriter.

Marketing Manager

marketing manager

The leader of your marketing team is the marketing manager. This is probably the person you are looking for when you place your ad on Monster and Indeed. The problem here is that because marketing continues to change, most marketers out of college are not as creative as you might think.

Your marketing manager is going to be a hybrid researcher, phycologist, brand expert, data nerd, and sometimes graphics novice. This individual is most likely going to be in charge of all the print and media purchases and even create and manage contracts with vendors.

The marketing manager is a vital role on the marketing team and should be one of the first marketing hires your organization makes.

Here are just a few roles the marketing manager should be in charge of.

  • Set and maintain strategy – Determine the game plan for the rest of the marketing team. This can also fall to the VP of marketing, CMO, or Director of Marketing. But we are talking barebones marketing team.
  • Manage marketing projects and push thighs forward – Once the plan is in place someone needs to push projects forward. Again, a project manager is going to be ideal here, but we are looking at the barebones team.
  • Manage and deploy marketing tools – Do you have a CRM or marketing automation platform? These software packages include email marketing, search engine optimization, website tracking, social media management, and a whole bunch of other features. Unfortunately, these tools do not run themselves.
  • Manage social media marketingSocial media marketing is not going anywhere. Your marketing manager will be in charge of executing the pillars of social media management.
  • Measure results and pivot as needed – Marketing data might be the most underutilized marketing asset. A solid marketing manager is going to keep track of the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. Analyzing your data is only going to make your marketing programs better.

The marketing manager is looked at to do a lot of things. Trust me, I know from experience. “Hey, I heard of this new marketing thing, can we do that?” This is a typical question asked for marketing managers and is more common than you think. Even at a marketing agency.

What is the marketing manager job description?

Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Marketing needs to look professional. A good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold. The main responsibility here is to get the marketing message and strategy and make it look great. However, there is much more to a graphic designer than just pretty pictures.

  • Ensure that all images are of the company brand – Your company brand is important. You spent tons of time building the right brand that your customer engages with. Your graphic designer should be responsible for keeping all creative, print, and digital assets on the brand. They ensure that the marketing manager is not sending out social media posts with cute cats. Unless you work at a pet-focused company.
  • Ensure the website is up and running – Okay, this is really not the responsibility of the graphic designer, but again we are looking for a bare-bones marketing team. Many times, the graphic designer was the creative soul that also developed the website. So, by default, they are going to be the lucky person that is responsible for the website. Sorry guys, this is just becoming a reality.
  • Create all sales enablement material – Your sales team needs to look professional too. Sales copy, product updates, and pricing change rapidly. Your graphic designer will be in charge of keeping the sales enablement piece up to date.
  • Create graphics for marketing projects – Part of your marketing should be around creating content that appeals to your customer base. This includes infographics, landing pages, finding the stock photo, tradeshow booth design, and so much more. Your graphic designer will keep these projects on brand and look fresh.

Many times, the graphic designer is overlooked. Well, I have PowerPoint and can make great looking graphics with this great looking clip art. Sales flyers are a breeze. A graphic designer is going to make your company look professional and take your marketing to the next level.



Anybody with half a brain can write. I agree with this. However, the magic happens when your marketing team creates a great headline that draws your customer in and the copy and pays off the headline with a great story.

Content is becoming more and more important for your marketing efforts. The better your content, the better your results. A copywriter is going to enhance your marketing message. A copywriter will be responsible for the following.

  • Write website, sales, and social copy – Your website needs to sell. Your sales material needs to connect with your customer. Your social media marketing needs to tell a story. The marketing team is going to rely on the copywriter to craft words that engage with your audience and do the selling for you.
  • Write and distribute press releases – Your copywriter may not be a PR rock star. But again, we are talking about the barebones marketing team. Your copywriter will be in charge of crafting press releases for your company and pushing them to the media contacts they already have.
  • Write copy for all marketing projects – There are going to be marketing projects that come up. The annual tradeshow that happens in Vegas needs some copy for the booth and possibly an event flyer. Your copywriter is going to produce any copy needed for your planned and unplanned marketing projects.
  • BloggingBlogging for business continues to become a necessity for your business. Blogging is a great way to attract customers to your website. A copywriter is going to be in charge of writing the blog content and ensuring that the copy fits with the company branding policies.

Your copywriter is an essential part of the marketing team. In the past, I have tried to get away without a great copywriter and failed. A copywriter is going to make the marketing team look better and get the expected results.

Internal versus External Marketing Team

Okay, the team is set. The talent is clear. The question becomes should you hire an internal team or look to outsource your marketing team? There are pros to each approach. Let’s take a look.

Internal Marketing Team

The internal marketing team is a team housed in your company. This is the traditional way of building a high performing marketing team. An internal marketing team can be the right call for your company. Here are a few reasons you would consider an internal marketing team.

  • Company knowledge – The team is going to be part of the culture and learn everything about the company.
  • Full-time support – With an internal marketing team, they will be there 40 hours a week, 100% dedicated to your company. This gives your internal marketing team the freedom to focus on the right tactics to get the job done.
  • Growth within the company – Your internal marketing team is going to grow with your company. Who knows, maybe your next CEO is going to be a marketing wiz that you hired as a marketing manager 10 years ago.
  • Expand your company’s ability – If you do not have a marketing team now, your company will never learn this skill set. Having an internal marketing team will give you the ability to learn new skills that will help you company for years to come.

The internal marketing team is going to be right for many organizations. If your company can afford the higher cost of an internal marketing team, it might be the right ways to go.

External Marketing Team

The external marketing team or marketing agency is a high performing team that is not going to be embedded in your company. Here are a couple reasons you might want to look into an external marketing partner.

  • Marketing knowledge – Your external marketing team is going to be working with multiple companies. They are going to be testing ideas and tactics to get the best results. This marketing knowledge is passed onto your company.
  • Lower cost – The cost of a marketing agency is going to be lower. The overhead of the employee is passed onto the external marketing company. This includes space, technology, and benefits. Further, you may not need a full-time graphic designer and this cost will be covered by multiple clients, not your business.
  • The right tool for the right project – An internal marketing team is going to be limited to the skill set of the employees hired. An outsourced marketing team is going to have an expert on pretty much everything. Search engine optimization, pay per click, content marketing, direct mail, trade show, and anything else you are going to need to execute your marketing plan.
  • Marketing strategy – This might be the most important aspect of an external marketing team. The ability to come up with the right marketing strategy and execute the strategy.
  • Flexibility – Your marketing partner or outsourced marketing team will be able to scale as needed. If you have a huge event coming up and need extra help on graphics, the team will be able to pull resources needed to accomplish your goals. When the project is done, they can scale back as needed. This eliminates a huge human resources burden.

An external marketing team might be the right call for your business. From saving money to getting the marketing strategy right, your external team will give you a great solution for your budget.

Marketing Team Conclusion

Your marketing needs a team, not one person. There are many skills that are needed in order to execute against marketing the right way. The jack of all trades, master of none does not really cut it. Yes, there are people that have multiple skills, but you get below average across the board versus above average in all aspects when you have a team.

I am going to tell you that marketing strategy and stellar graphic design typically do not exist in the same person. These people that can do all these skills are typically the top dawg at a startup or own their own agency. Marketing is a long-term investment in your organization, ensure that you have the right marketing team in place to drive results.

“No one of us is as smart as all of us.” – Steve Boehle

Is your company looking for the right marketing solution to drive results for your business? Let us help find the right marketing CoPilot that will deliver the marketing results you are looking for. Contact us to get started.

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