About Us

Cobound was created to do one thing, become the most efficient inbound marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. This is why we follow a very strict process that we refine and improve every day. We only use inbound marketing tools that provide value and keeping marketing cost as low as possible. We also create tools that help marketing agencies do their job better, more efficiently, and provide value to their clients. 

It is our vision to become the inbound marketing agency that marketing agencies use because we get results. We want to establish meaningful, powerful, and rewarding relationships with our marketing agency partners. We are here to help increase cash flow, increase scalability, and expand your current service offerings.

It is our goal to help your company grow through inbound marketing.

Our Values

Foster Lasting Relationships

We are never above you, you are never below us. We work side by side with our partners. We know that the relationships we create are the most valuable assets we create. We do this together.

Result Driven Marketing

Most marketing professionals believe marketing is subjective. We believe that is true, but we also believe that subjectivity only takes you so far. Data and results will help you accomplish your goals.

Leadership Through Service

We are only as good as the people we place around us. Our approach is to partner with those we serve and share common goals. We focus on short-term wins but look to the greater longer lasting results.