Hi, my name is Steve Boehle.

I am a husband, father, believer, and department of one. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I married my high school sweetheart in my junior year of college at Arizona State University. Imidietly after college, I enrolled in graduate school at Grand Canyon University (M.B.A. and M.S. in Leadership). While in graduate school I worked full-time for a very large insurance company leading a small team of 8 call-center employees. I still reside in the Phoenix area with my wife and now 4 children.

After graduate school, I accepted a really sweet job at Intel in Folsom, CA. Over three years I learned the ropes of marketing and leadership.

Once our first child was born, we moved back to Phoenix to be closer to friends and family. I took a job at the largest Pet Retailer, PetSmart, and helped build a marketing analytics department from 1 to 12.

After 3 years, my career took a nose dive and I was let go or fired from PetSmart for poor performance. Honestly, I was just not into it anymore. This is when my real education started.

For the last 6 years, I have been freelancing and growing a small marketing agency. I focused on helping businesses generate revenue through strategic marketing and setting up marketing operations. This experience helped me develop good habits, a strong work ethic, and gave me the experience I needed to start my next adventure.

October 2018, I was at another crossroads. My last large contract and one big client was coming to the end of the engagement. I had set up their marketing operations and they were hiring internal staff, with my help, to run their marketing team. I could either get back to business development or look for a job.

I put out one resume and within 15 minutes the President of the company called. We chatted for an hour and a half and I was set up for an in-person interview. 2 hours later I was offered the job at 15% more than I asked for.

I officially was back in the workforce and given the opportunity to start and grow a marketing department for a small, growing software company. I am now the head of marketing and a department of one. I am the first marketing hire at a company that has been around for 25 years.

As a department of one, I have to use my leadership skills and utilize other departments to help in the marketing execution of the company. For example, the UI/UX guy is a solid A graphic designer. I use his skills to help build the company brand assets and publish solid creative projects.

However, I also use other services and freelancers to get the job done. I am mentoring our executive admin, as she has a degree and interest in marketing. So, my “team” is small, but the results we are producing are very big.

In my free time, I try to coach my kids’ sports teams and do as many outdoor activities as possible with the family. I take my wife out at least once a month, so we can actually talk without getting interrupted. Yes, it is super busy, but would not change this for anything.

So, you are asking what is this site all about? What are you selling? What should I expect?

First, I am not going to be selling anything directly. Yes, I will suggest products and services that I use and use affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will get a small piece of the pie.

So CoBoun. what is CoBound? I built a brand CoBound as a marketing agency. The purpose of the brand was to help through partnering (Co) and drive the business forward (Bound). It is my goal to grow this website, share my experience, and show you how I am growing through leadership and solid marketing.

I am going to set goals for this website. I mean why have a website if you are not going to use it. So, I will set out to do what I call the CoChallenge to show you how I am actually doing the work.

These challenges are going to be very specific and measurable. I know that timelines are important to success, but let’s be honest, I will only be working on this in my spare time (5:00 am – 7:00 am & 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm).

My main objective here is to help you learn a new skill, avoid a failure (boy, do I have stories and I will share them), and maybe entertain you along the way.

So, join me in the challenges and let’s see how we can build something together.

– Steve Boehle

  • 2004


    Graduated from Arizona State University: B.S. in Global Business

  • 2008


    Graduated from Grand Canyon University: Master of Business Administration and M.S. in Leadership. 

  • 2009


    This is when it all started. I received my first job in marketing. Here I learned from some very savvy, smart marketing professionals and really fell in love with all things marketing. Over the next 5 years, I would work for 2 fortune 500 companies that laid the groundwork for my marketing career. 

  • 2014


    I officially moved away from corporate America. This is when minimal marketing really started to come together. I helped multiple companies implement marketing operations to ensure that marketing was accomplishing growth goals. 

  • 2018

    A New Beginning

    Accepted a new role as the Head of Marketing and a department of one. Watch the story unfold.