5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes Inbound Marketing Better

Marketing automation is a game changer. However, marketing automation makes inbound marketing better. They go hand in hand. 

The goal of all marketers is to communicate the company’s message to a targeted set of customers. In the past, that was an easy task. You went to the local newspaper, radio station, or even the local television station and paid for an ad.

The fact of the matter is that these channels are not as relevant as they once were. Technology continues to change the way consumers research and buy products and services. Your products and services.

15 years ago there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no LinkedIn. Before the 1990’s there was no mainstream internet. That is right, 26 years ago, there was no mainstream internet. Mind blown We all need to thank AOL for bringing the internet to the masses.

Think of how much has happened in the last 26 years and how the customer has changed. We have to change the way we deliver our marketing message.

Take off your jean jacket and join me back in 2016. Marketing has changed. The way people think has changed, and the way you deliver your message to the masses has changed.

Introducing inbound marketing. If your company does not have an inbound marketing strategy, that is okay, we are here to help.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

Okay, I know we are all not marketing gurus, so inbound marketing is really just blogging and using social media to attract the right customers. Easy enough, but the reality is inbound marketing is important.

However, the problem with inbound marketing is that once you attract the right customer, there is no follow-up, there is no nurturing. This is what most companies miss. They forget the most important part.

There are 5 ways marketing automation makes inbound marketing better.

Continue to Deliver Valuable Content

You are working hard creating valuable content for your inbound marketing strategy. Blogging for business is a big deal. Why would you stop delivering your valuable message once they leave? Marketing automation allows your company to continue to provide valuable content to your potential customer and build a real relationship.

For example, you own a real estate brokerage, a visitor comes to your blog and downloads a white paper on “10 ways to sell your home faster.” Your marketing should not stop there. You should set up an automated campaign and continue the conversation. Help the potential customer find new ways to sell their home faster. You know they are going to be selling their home at some point, become the agent that gets the listing because you are delivering valuable content when they need it.

Marketing Automation will help improve your inbound marketing strategy by delivering valuable content to your potential customers when they want it.

Increases Conversion Rates on Your Website

Do you have a huge sales staff that is ready to call leads at a moment’s notice? Once the visitor hit your site your sales rep is on the phone, right? I hope this is not the case. First, it is creepy and second most companies do not have enough sales reps to take care of every customer. This leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Marketing automation helps you follow up with potential leads without the need for a huge sales team. Our opinion here at Mammoth Marketing is that your sales team should be lean and focused on closing deals. Not qualifying leads.

For example, you own a swimming pool company, a lead visits a blog post about the different types of pool pumps. Your marketing automation campaign can follow up with that lead with a brochure explaining all the different types of pool pumps and pricing. Normally, this would be sales job and probably get missed. Stop missing out on these opportunities.

Marketing automation is a great way to increase the conversion rate of your web traffic you have earned.

Helps Social Media Generate Revenue

A social media marketing plan is important to your business. It is one of the best ways to engage with your customer base. However, posting on a regular basis is hard to do. Marketing automation can help. By automating your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (yes, even Instagram), you are able to save time and make sure you are staying top of mind.

Automating your posts is great, however, social media should be driving traffic to your website. If you are using marketing automation you can track this traffic to actual revenue. Marketing automation is built into your CRM system giving you the ability to track the original source of the lead. Once the lead is closed and revenue is reported, your system will be able to track it back to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

The ability to track revenue back to social media can validate headcount, effort, and even social advertising. Knowing this data can help you improve your social media strategy and prove that it is worthwhile.

Validate Your Efforts With Revenue

Is your company still using traditional marketing methods to increase revenue? Sure, traditional marketing is part of a holistic marketing plan. However, very few companies are able to validate marketing efforts and calculate a return on investment.

Just like social media, marketing automation will help you track your revenue back to trade shows or networking meetings. By setting up an automated campaign, you are able to track revenue back to the traditional marketing tactic.

For example, when I attend a networking event, I set up a campaign with the event name and tag it with networking. When I get back to the office, I input the new contacts into my marketing database. I then send out a thank you email to all the people I met and tell them a little more about Mammoth Marketing. If one of those leads becomes a client, I have the original source of the lead and track the revenue back to the event.

Marketing automation can help you become a better marketer because you know what events are driving revenue. This will also let you know if you should be investing in these traditional marketing tactics or what tactics are actually working for your business.

Continue To Delight Your Customers

This is the one thing that most companies get wrong in their marketing plans. They stop once the lead becomes a customer. This is completely wrong. It is much easier to market to your existing customer base than find new customers.

For example, you own a swimming pool company. Once you close out a customer most pool companies walk away with a huge payday (living in Phoenix, I have been there). A follow-up email campaign telling the customer how to balance their pool chemicals, backwash their pool, and how to prepare for winter would be great. Sprinkle in a couple promotions and a referral program and you have something that generates more customer by adding value to your existing customer base. Easy and effective.

Let marketing automation follow up with your existing customer base. Delighting your customers will help you get more referrals and build your brand equity.

Final Thoughts…

There are many other benefits of marketing automation. However, most companies are spending tons of time creating content and not seeing the results they were expecting. Yes, inbound marketing takes time, but marketing automation will help your company increase revenue and prove the value of your inbound marketing strategy.

Learn more about marketing automation and find out if your company is ready for marketing automation by downloading our free ebook: An Introduction To Marketing Automation.

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