3 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve Social Media

Trying to improve your social media is a very hard thing to do. Here are a couple ways to use use Google analytics to improve social media.

You just walked into a board meeting and the first item of conversation is social media. Your CEO is looking right at you and asks, “I know that social media is important to our marketing strategy, but what are we doing to improve?” Since you are a savvy marketing manager, you have the answer. You are able to give 3 ways to use to improve your social media using Google Analytics and become the star of the show.

Here are 3 ways to use google analytics to improve social media marketing.

User Location

Do you know what markets to target? Is your social media customer base in California or New York? Knowing where in the world your website visitors are coming from will help you decide what market you are going to run your Facebook advertising or promote tweets.

For example, when you log into Google Analytics you are able to drill down to the city where the majority of your traffic is coming from. This will help you know what areas you might want to target with your Facebook Ads and get more bang for your buck.

Twitter can benefit from location as well. If you know your website traffic is coming from Phoenix AZ, you might want to use some region or city specific hashtags to get more interaction. For example, every year the Waste Management Open, one the largest professional golf tournament on the PGA TOUR, is held in Phoenix. Knowing this, you might be able to use the Hashtag #WMOPEN to engage with fans. Just make sure that these fans are part of your marketing segmentation.

The location data available in Google Analytics is valuable to help target the right customers at the right time.

What Platform Is Driving Traffic

Do you know what social media platform is driving the most traffic? Is it Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Pinterest? Knowing which platform is driving the most traffic will help your place more efforts on what is working or improve areas that you are slacking.

What Pages Are Performing

Do you know what pages are performing on your website and more importantly what topics your audience are engaging with? Using Google Analytics will help you decide what topics bring home the bacon. This will help in three ways.

  • Your social media marketing strategy relies on content. Knowing what pages and topics are performing will help you produce more content that your audience wants.
  • Optimize your call’s to action on landing pages. When you share your blog posts, landing pages, or any other content you can increase your click through rate and generate more leads.
  • Not all social media platforms are created equal. What content is driving traffic from Facebook might be different than the traffic from Twitter. Drill down and know what pages are driving traffic to each platform and optimize.

Get Your Analytics On

I know, too many marketers think the word analytics is considered a four letter word. Numbers? Leave that up to the nerds. I hear you. However, in today’s day and age if you are in marketing you better become one of those nerds if you want to succeed. As a small business marketing consultant, I can say data can tell you what is working and what is not working. Make sure to make data part of your social media marketing strategy to improve your social media return on investment.

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