Our Inbound Marketing Process To Drive Results

We like to keep things simple. That is why we have developed 2 phases to help get your company ready to execute against an Inbound Marketing Plan.


This phase is meant to ensure your business set up for inbound marketing success. Without the basics, your inbound marketing will be set up for failure:

  • Develop a results-driven website
  • Implement a CRM and sales automation
  • Create a 12-month inbound campaign plan

The onboarding phase is about setting the groundwork for inbound marketing success.


Daily inbound marketing execution is the only way to produce results. Phase two is about executing the plan. It is time to drive visitors and nurture leads.

  • Attract visitors to your site
  • Convert visitors to opportunities
  • Close opportunities for revenue

The execution phases are focused on getting the return on investment your business needs.

Whatever phase your company is in, we take the guess work out of it for you. We believe this is the fastest way to executing inbound marketing for your company and start seeing results. No more guessing, just more executing.

c0(mutual) + bound(leaping movement forward) = your marketing co-pilot

co (mutual) + bound (leaping movement forward) = your marketing co-pilot


We are never above you, you are never below us. We work side by side with our partners. We know that the relationships we create are the most valuable assets we create. We do this together.


Most marketing professionals believe marketing is subjective. We believe that is true, but we also believe that subjectivity only takes you so far. Data and results will help you accomplish your goals.


We are only as good as the people we place around us. Our approach is to partner with those we serve and share common goals. We focus on short-term wins but look to the greater longer lasting results.